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The city's latest ramen obsession: Artisan Noodle Tatsuki

Los Angeles ramen chef delivers the richest broth we've seen

Every time I think my list of San Diego’s top five ramen spots is set, along comes a new one to shake things up. Artisan Noodle Tatsuki opened a few weeks back in the Gaslamp ...

How Saudi Arabia affects San Diego gas prices

High-priced stations don't move much

It seems President Trump was correct in his assumption that the Saudi Arabia oil field bombing would not send the world’s gas prices into a tizzy. The U.S. is now the world’s largest exporter of ...

Lake Wohlford's version of Shamu

Two-pound piebald catfish

"I've seen thousands of catfish,” George Scalo said, “but I have never seen a catfish look like that before.” Scalo, was talking about the piebald catfish, also referred to as a “cowfish” because of its ...

Julian – chock full of history

Hosking's Ranch, blessing box, badgers, Brian Kenner, Tom Nickel, volunteer fire dept., Mike Julian, windmills, logging, drought, Cauzza dairymen, orchards, poachers, Chariot Canyon Massacre

Appellate court turns back Hosking's fake cattle ranch Inhabitants of Julian who oppose the development of 1416 acres of local back country have a newfound victory to celebrate. An appellate court has reversed the decision ...