Jeremy Blakespear: “Vehicular cycling is a failed philosophy.”
  • Jeremy Blakespear: “Vehicular cycling is a failed philosophy.”
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Losing a quitter

I was saddened to see the article in which Mr. Blakespear took it up-on himself to criticize the Bicycle Coalition for having not elected him to its Board of Directors (“Jeremy Blakespear too soft for San Diego’s Bicycle Coalition,” (Neighborhood News, November 4). I was one of the members of the Board (I currently serve as its Chair) who voted to elect Mr. Blakespear, but there was a group of Board members and general members (the Coalition’s elections for a Board seat are open to all of its members) who were opposed to him, and they were more numerous. The Coalition reflects the reality of bicyclists almost everywhere – they are a diverse group of people with many different points of view. It is a mistake to attribute one point of view to the organization, especially solely on the basis of one result and one election. I share Mr. Blakespear’s hope that bicycling can become more integrated into our everyday lives and culture, and I still think the Coalition affords a good platform to help achieve those ends. I would encourage Mr. Blakespear not to quit his efforts there, but to redouble them.

  • Richard G Opper
  • Loma Portal

Back in May, hundreds of protestors gathered at the County Office of Education in Linda Vista.

Back in May, hundreds of protestors gathered at the County Office of Education in Linda Vista.

Photograph by Eric Bartl

Full-throated dissent

Yes, it is anti-immigrant, as it’s a violation of conscience and religion (“Is California sex-ed anti-immigrant?” City Lights, October 30). I’m sure that the Supreme Court would uphold these rights enshrined in the 1st Amendment. It’s coercive for the state to expose students to learn about these to sexual practices that are contrary to their worldview. Parents have the right to opt out of the sex ed course and it’s their responsibility to teach their kids about sexuality in the home or house of faith. Abstinence must be presented as an alternative to pre-marital sex. Josh McDowell’s book, Why Wait? is an excellent resource that’s been used in the public schools of Uganda. As a result they were able to significantly reduce the spread of AIDS unlike other African nations. The LGBT+ community is a very small percentage of the total population. So why should their beliefs be rammed down the throats of impressionable children? (Sears, The Homosexual Agenda).

  • Mark A. Peter
  • Solana Beach

Fear-mongering conspiracy

Has journalism finally died at the Reader? Judith Reisman is listed as a conspiracy theorist with the the southern poverty law center (“Is California sex-ed anti-immigrant?” City Lights, October 30). She has self published multiple claims of Kinsey and his pedophilia without evidence for many years. If you interview a conspiracy theorist I would expect some sort of balanced reporting on her from actual experts. And expect her to provide proof of her claims (spoiler: she can’t they don’t exist) This piece is fear mongering on a important topic that should have been treated respectfully and with actual journalistic integrity. I want to see actual dialogue and communication about human sexuality. This article does neither and supports the opposite.

  • Jolie Van Schoik
  • Oceanside
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ebartl Nov. 15, 2019 @ 2:51 p.m.

Dr. Reisman says the evidence comes from Kinsey's own book, table 34 in Kinsey's 1948 book "Sexuality in the Human Male." She says he molested children when doing "sexual experiments" on them and admitted to collaborating with and paying child rapists to get information for his "scientific experiments." She says he collaborated with a Nazi child rapist in Germany who told children they had to participate in sexual experiments or be killed.


ebartl Nov. 16, 2019 @ 8:13 p.m.

This is a response from Dr. Reisman: "I cite Kinsey’s own words, his own data. This is called 'admission against interest.' There is no better proof of his deliberate sex crimes against an estimated 2,035 children than his Tables 30-34 demonstrating those sex tortures—including a 2 month old—he called 'orgasms.' Jolie does not want to believe the children, for their statements are all there, in black and white numbers. I encourage Jolie to get a copy of Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in The Human Male (1948) and ponder..."


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