Content for Monday, December 2, 2019

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Plant Power Fast Food growing fast

San Diego-born vegan fast food chain is flipping burgers throughout So Cal

I recently wrote about how a certain global fast food chain has brought meatless versions of its burgers to the San Diego market, but a more exciting development may be the growth of a 100-percent ...

Still wearing stolen Metallica shirt and Vans shoes

Oceanside victim sees his stuff on LetGo app

The suspect said, “I’m a dumbass,” when the cop told him he was trying to sell things stolen in a burglary, according to testimony on November 25. Oceanside police officer Christopher James arranged to meet ...

Santee: open hills and the San Diego River

Creation museum, Santee Lakes, Pardee Homes, Dirty Chris, Carlton Oaks golf course

A little bit east of Eden The museum is an antidote to what ICR considers “anti-biblical” evolutionist propaganda of the sort seen at San Diego’s venerable Museum of Man, particularly “ape-men” presented as prehuman ancestors, ...