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Someone else's trash in Escondido is not your treasure

Favorite spot: where the 15 freeway passes over North Nutmeg

On August 6, RE/MAX realtor Carmen Cifuentes posted Facebook photos of trash and debris she just discovered. “It was a huge dump on a property that we are selling,” she told me on August 16. ...

The Modern Vegan succeeds with classic meat dishes

A place for plant eaters who don’t want to sacrifice meaty textures and flavors

A hunk of thickly breaded, fried chicken sitting atop a pile of mashed potatoes, all smothered in gravy. A Rueben of marbled rye bread loaded with corned beef, melted cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing. ...

Faulconer ethics fine revealed after Campland bags sweetheart lease

Mayor forks over $4000 for 16-month disclosure delay

Intrigue surrounding the June 24 city council vote for Campland, LLC's five-year sweetheart leasehold extension for choice Mission Bay frontage has deepened with a $4000 fine levied against Kevin Faulconer by the city's ethics commission ...

Pine Valley – way past suburbia

Pine Valley Store, Pine Valley Bridge, Laguna fire, fall foliage

We didn't have a street address in Pine Valley I took my children on a trip to my past. Friday after Thanksgiving, I herded Rebecca, Angela, Johnny, and Ben into our van. Lucy, who had ...