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The scratch cooking of Simsim

Outstanding Shawarma Mediterranean food for the new generation of fast casual concepts

When you walk into Simsim Outstanding Shawarma, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into the fast casual Mediterranean spot. From detailed interior design elements to the placement of aspirational slogans like, “stand ...

Patrick Kavanagh: realistic diction about realistic subjects

A great influence Nobel laureate Seamus Heaney

March There’s a wind blowing Cold through the corridors, A ghost-wind, The flapping of defeated wings, A hell-fantasy From meadows damned To eternal April And listening, listening To the wind I hear The throat-rattle of ...

Trump creates tariff-ying panda bear market as China recalls its products from US

It’s a jungle... bamboo forest out there!

By the end of April, giant pandas Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu will have left their longtime home at the San Diego Zoo and traveled back to their native China, a move that is seen ...

New NBC Sitcom Abby’s is set in San Diego; critics say it’s pure LA

Honestly, it makes the apartments in Friends look realistic.

Noted South Park cultural commentator Jessie Smoot was never that excited about his neighborhood serving as the fictional setting for a “mainstream broadcast television sitcom, even if it did boast an executive producer credit from ...

Where to pre-game the new Padres season

New spots to consider for an East Village pub crawl

The Padres have returned for 2019 and things are going to be different this year. Manny Machado different, sure, but I’m talking pre-game beer different. Since opening day 2018, the craft beer landscape surrounding Petco ...