Impeachable crimes: “Obstruction of justice and firing of Comey,”
  • Impeachable crimes: “Obstruction of justice and firing of Comey,”
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For the last year, every Thursday afternoon in Encinitas, a group of 15 – 25 protesters have stood on the northeast corner of El Camino Real and Encinitas Boulevard.

On March 22, to the honks of support by numinous passing motorists during the busy late afternoon commute, spokesperson Dan, from Encinitas, said this day was the group’s one-year anniversary of one-hour weekly protests. The group has a theme each week. This week’s was supporting gun control.

“We’re anti-Trump, anti-GOP, anti-Issa, anti-Hunter,” said Dan. “Anyone that doesn’t listen to the will of the people.”

Describing themselves as a grassroots Democrat organization, the members of Indivisible 49 are also the same group that has weekly protested at the 49th Congressional District’s Vista office of Congressman Darrell Issa. The group credits their presence as the reason the eight-term congressman stated he would not run for re-election in 2020.

James’ large sign read “Impeach Trump.” What impeachable crime had the president committed? “Obstruction of justice and firing [former FBI director] Comey,” said James. But Vice President Pence would then become president. “We’ll impeach them both,” he said. James added he understood that Congressman Paul Ryan would then become the president.

Looking at 2020, none of the protestors could clearly state who they want to see run as a Democrat against Trump. James said, “Joe Biden, but I don’t think he’ll run.”

What about the Middle Americans that elected Trump? James said, “They don’t understand what’s going on in this country.”

However protestor Nancy said, “It’s a relief to see people waking up and paying attention. The resistance is alive and well.”

There were several middle fingers thrown at the group. One driver, in a pick up truck, stopped at the red light, rolled down his window and repeatedly shouted, “F*g As,” until his light changed. Spokesperson Dan said the group enjoys getting fingers. The group responds with smiles and thank you’s.

Salespersons at Encinitas Ford, the business on the corner in which the group stands, says the weekly protests don’t affect their business. “The constant horn honking does get annoying though,” said one salesperson.

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AlexClarke March 27, 2018 @ 7:57 a.m.

The "will of the people" is usually expressed by voting. The candidate with the most votes win. Majority is the standard for "winning" thus expressing the "will of the people". The one exception is the President which is determined not by the popular vote but by the number of votes accumulated by the Electoral College. The Electoral College can and has defeated the will of the people. In the last election the Electoral College defeated the majority vote. The Electoral College should be eliminated and let the votes fall where they may.


dbdriver March 27, 2018 @ 10:47 a.m.

The Electoral College allows people living in the smaller, less populated states to have a voice. Remember, we are not living in a Democracy, but a Republic. If we allowed the election to be won by just popular vote, then candidates would never have to visit any of the smaller states at all. None of their concerns would be addressed.


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