June 21 Reader. "There’s nothing in the magazine that interests me. It’s all a bunch of garbage."
  • June 21 Reader. "There’s nothing in the magazine that interests me. It’s all a bunch of garbage."
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Genders bent

Thank you for clarifying the gender of Supreme Court justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. That clarity surfaced on Page 60, in the June 21 issue, in a thumbnail review of a documentary about Ruth Bader Ginsburg (“RGB,” Movies, June 21). Your reviewer noted that Ginsburg is “currently the only serving female Supreme Court justice.” I always thought that Sotomayor and Kagan were female. I was obviously mistaken.

  • Arthur Golden
  • Hillcrest

Mentally fit

In your 6/21/18 crossword puzzle, it states “what you can find in 5 boxes in this puzzle’s grid”. I discovered not 5, but 8 cases of words with the missing letters “in”. I was all set to pounce upon the editor with a punitive “J’accuse” letter. Oops! Upon further review, I discovered that 3 boxes served a double duty, whereby the letter “W” becomes “win” in both directions. So indeed, your editor was correct. I am a retired software engineer, and your weekly puzzle has most likely forestalled my brain from contracting a case of Alzheimer’s any time soon! I have already won several Reader hats and T-shirts, so I don’t submit my solved puzzles anymore, but I always enjoy the challenge. Please pass along my appreciation to your ever clever Crossword Puzzle Editor.

  • Woody Anderson
  • Carmel Valley

Ratings from heck

I wanted to complain that the San Diego Reader is just terrible. There’s nothing in the magazine that interests me. It’s all a bunch of garbage. It’s just a terrible read, and the movie section is the absolute worst. Its offensive reviews. They gave the movies false ratings. Whoever is doing the movie reviews is a false rater. He doesn’t know how to rate, it’s biased, and it’s terrible reviews. It’s not the reviews that are on the Rotten Tomatoes, or actually truthful ratings that are on the Internet, and box office ratings. It’s completely false, it’s completely phony, and you should fire [the reviewer] for offensive, abusive, discriminating reports of the movie section.

  • Anonymous

Reader film critics Scott Marks and Matthew Lickona are both listed as Top Critics at RottenTomatoes.com. By the way, two thumbs way up for this letter. — Editor

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