Relive 8th grade with Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson.
  • Relive 8th grade with Elsie Fisher and Emily Robinson.
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As if an opportunity to relive the last hellish week of grade school weren't enough, the two star students of Eighth Grade will be in town this weekend to celebrate the film's opening.


Trailer for Eighth Grade

If your knowledge of Elsie Fisher's work is limited to precocious little Agnes in the Despicable Me franchise, here's your chance to match the voice to the face. Emily Robinson fans are sure to remember her numerous bits on SNL as well as her work as Young Rose on Transparent.

Fisher stars as Kayla, the 13-year-old soon-to-be-graduate whose life is in mid-meltdown. The only visible sign of relief on the transitory road ahead is her high school Shadow Program mentor, Olivia (Robinson).


Eighth Grade ***

This picture is bound to be remembered come Awards season. You're going to wind up seeing it as is, so avoid the Christmas congestion and spend this Saturday night questioning a pair of bright Hollywood hopefuls in air-cooled comfort.

The following are start times for showings on Saturday, July 28. Elsie and Emily will appear at the tail-end of each screening for a post-show Q&A.

5:15 pm: Landmark Hillcrest

7 pm: AMC La Jolla

8:45 PM: Cinepolis Del Mar

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