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Lost local bands of the 60s/70s - The Brain Police

"The Who demolished part of our P.A. system"

Self-titled album recorded in La Mesa in 1968 sat on a shelf for over 30 years

What happens when you're too late for sesame

Big City does the boiling before baking

Devoted fans of the Hillcrest bagelry Big City Bagel Cafe had to go about two months without this spring as a fire forced the 24-year-old breakfast and lunch spot to close temporarily. I don’t know ...

Almost everyone in Solana Beach working

County unemployment dips

The county unemployment rate was 3.5 percent in July, down from a revised 3.7 percent in June and from 4.4 percent a year earlier, according to the California Employment Development Department. During the month, total ...

10, 9, 8, 7, 6....pick up that stride

Crosswalk at Garnet and Fanuel tested in court

On August 14, Kelsey went to court to fight a $197 crosswalk ticket that she and her buddy received in April. “My friend (Val) and I were coming back from the Tap Room,” she said, ...

Yard crimes in Clairemont blamed on Prop 47

"Mass incarceration is bad but so is the jerk that ransacked my car"

Thieves are targeting whatever isn't nailed down in Clairemont's front yards. It's a big problem in Pacific Beach, too, according to one resident, "Yards are being picked clean of outdoor furniture, surfboards, and bikes. If ...

Headlock on man with hammer

He welcomed death at Jack in the Box

On Wednesday, August 8, 30-year-old Robert Daniel Dille went to Jack in the Box on West Main Street and Van Houten Avenue in El Cajon. Witnesses say he and his female companion approached the counter ...

One thing worth saying all the time

I like to introduce other ways of following Jesus

Vista La Mesa Christian Church Contact: 4210 Massachusetts Ave., La Mesa 619-463-9909 Membership: 120 Pastor: Rebecca Littlejohn Age: 42 Born: Peoria, IL Formation: Carleton College, Northfield, MN; Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley Years Ordained: ...

The get-away driver was 18

Says she didn’t know about the gun

The 18-year-old woman said she didn’t know her 21-year-old friend was going to rob that person until he did it. And then she drove away at speed, from police, because she was afraid. Victoria Josephine ...

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