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Local youths sacrificed to the opera gods

The Met Auditions return October 7

The great sacrifice of die Jugend des Landes, the youth of the land, is coming up on Saturday, October 7, 10:00 a.m.. This sacrifice is also known as The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions, usually ...

Linda Vista renters threaten strike

Tenants demand habitability improvements, protest 15 percent hike

As many as 50 tenants at the Village Apartments complex in Linda Vista are threatening a "rent strike" beginning next week if their demands for more modest rent increases and completion of repairs affecting the ...

No more brew rooms for O.B.?

Police shortage prompts department to say nay to alcohol applications

The question of whether San Diego has become oversaturated with beer businesses is usually posed with regard to market demand: as in, how many local breweries can consumer dollars support? But on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, ...

Hacksaw put to local radio once again

“I was the most visible. I was the most liked and most disliked."

After three years off the air, Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton is returning to the radio airwaves. “I still think I have the passion to do this,” Hamilton said in a interview shortly after he had been ...

The fall of the Union-Tribune’s Copleys

Sex discrimination at the Tribune, death of the Tribune, David’s new house, Nixon-Copley letters, Morgan’s embarrassing book on Dr. Seuss, David’s DUIs

Copley, Morgan Depositions Show Loose Reins at Tribune Copley maintained she makes it a policy not to attend any board meetings. When an attorney asked, "Under what circumstances would [Morgan] discuss with you matters that ...