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Two more women have filed lawsuits against San Diego-based amateur pornography website,

The new complaints make 16 women who allege that the website's owners lied to them about distribution and later posted their names online despite having promised them anonymity.

As first reported by the Reader, 14 women, all between the ages of 18 and 22, sued the website, its parent company BLL Media, the owners, and the actor, Andre Garcia in June 2016.

The latest complaint, filed on September 7, includes many of the same allegations.

The two anonymous women, one from Colorado and the other from Minnesota, looked for modeling jobs on Craigslist. They clicked on one of two sites, and, and filled out an online submission form.

Not long after, the two women received an email.

Jane Doe number 15

On February 14, Jane Doe 15 received an email from a man named "Jonathan." The email read:

"This is a legitimate adult gig for an established Southern California company. You will make $4000 CASH for your first shoot which is paid up front, consistent work is also available, we offer solo toy scenes for $1000. You can do BOTH scenes in one trip for $5000.

"None of your personal information will be given out in the video or afterwards , no names etc. are used in the video."

A man named "Jonathan" then called one of the women. He increased his offer to $5000 to be filmed having sex with a professional actor. The shoot would include five positions and would last five to six minutes.

According to the complaint, one of the women asked about distribution. "Jonathan" told her that the video was for a private collector and would be DVD only. Her name and identity would remain anonymous.

"Jonathan" then provided her a reference:

"This is Kaitlin, she is 19. She is from Scottsdale, [Arizona] and has done [two] shoots with us. We pretty much paid for her breast job and she is recovering. She also worked with the same talent that you will work with. Here is her cell..."

Jane Doe 15 received a text message on February 24, 2016, from the same telephone number.

"Hey [Jane Doe No. 15] my name is Kaitlin- Jonathon gave me your contact info! lm sure you're nervous or maybe even sketched out a little bit but you seriously have nothing to worry about! It's completely legit, once you land (if you're flying in from out of town that is) you will be picked up in a nice car and taken to where you are shooting your scene and all that OH AND they pay you in cash up front!

”Okay so I am a very easily sketched out person when it comes to stuff like this. I was very nervous but once I got there I felt like a complete idiot because I realized I had nothing to worry about haha - low key was a little embarrassed haha. The model is super hot which is nice (emojis omitted) and the photographer is super cool.

”It's you, the model, and the photographer in the room and no one else so it's not uncomfortable or anything which is chill Girl if you have any questions please DO NOT hesitate to text me or call or FaceTime or whatever!!!!"

Jane Doe 15 again asked about distribution. Kaitlin responded:

"Yeah, so it goes out to wealthier countries; yea DVDs and stuff like that but nothing online!"

Four days later, Jane Doe 15 arrived in San Diego. A man picked her up and transported her to a hotel room in downtown San Diego.

Once inside she met Andre Garcia, the actor. He gave her a contract. He told her that the video would not be posted online.

After filming, a man dropped the woman off at the airport. Garcia and owner Michael Pratt had shorted her $2000 because she had bruises on her body.

She texted Pratt about the missing money.

He responded:

"Yeah you're bruised up I can't have that.

"Honestly .. My partner and I were not very impressed with the photos. You have bruises over your body and cuts on your wrists and arms.

"Photos is one thing, in person is another. You were paid very well. $3,000 is about 4x more then the regular pay girls get, you were also offered a solo tomorrow for $1,000."

A month or so later the woman's video was posted on GirlsDoPorn's website.

Jane Doe 16

The second woman, known as Jane Doe 16, clicked on a Craigslist ad in 2014 for a modeling gig. A man contacted her later and informed her the job was to have sex on film. He told her the video would be available to private collectors in Australia and New Zealand. The video, he assured her, would not be posted online.

She arrived in San Diego two months later with a friend. A man drove her to the Torrey Pines Hilton. They gave her a contract and hurried her as she tried to read it. Filming began.

One month later the video was posted on Girls Do Porn's website.

In 2015, both women's identities were posted on a website called Porn Wiki Leaks.

Ongoing Criminal Investigations

There have been other development in recent weeks.

According to an August 28 court document, Garcia's attorney confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security was conducting an investigation into the actor, Andre Garcia. The same document revealed that Garcia was possibly also under investigation by law-enforcement agencies in San Diego, Baton Rouge, Newport Beach, and Houston. A spokesperson for the Newport Beach Police Department said there are no current investigations into Garcia.

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dwbat Sept. 12, 2017 @ 2:56 p.m.

Red flags to pay attention to: Legit modeling agencies never advertise on Craigslist (or other websites). Nor do they pay in cash.


JustWondering Sept. 12, 2017 @ 3:47 p.m.

I'm just wondering WHAT were these women thinking?


JustWondering Sept. 13, 2017 @ 1:54 p.m.

Nah, they were thinking $$$$ but only got $ and a whole lot of exposure they didn't want.


DeLo Sept. 18, 2017 @ 2:13 p.m.

I’m wondering if they always used hotels to film or if they ever used vaca-rentals as well.


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