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Cardiff's trashy neighborhood

“If you challenge her, she will leave trash in your front yard.”

Residents of the Poinsettia Heights neighborhood in Cardiff by the Sea have a trash problem. Often residents will wake up in the morning to find trash strewn on their street. The problem has been going ...

Deepest sand of the year

Winter storms will pull it off

As the Beach-Going Season Winds Down, San Diego County’s coastline is padded by what is likely the deepest and widest accumulations of sand we’ll see this year. Many stretches of the coastline are vulnerable to ...

National football music

The heroic sound of NFL Films

The autumn wind is a pirate/ Blustering in from sea/ With a rollicking song, he sweeps along/ Swaggering boisterously His face is weather beaten/ He wears a hooded sash/ With a silver hat about his ...