The Tres Egg Scramble with soy chorizo (the vaunted mashed potatoes are hiding in the back)
  • The Tres Egg Scramble with soy chorizo (the vaunted mashed potatoes are hiding in the back)
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If there’s one thing in this ever-changing world I can rely on, it’s the menu at Parkhouse Eatery. The place that was serving up avocado toast long before it was a thing is also home to the one dish I inevitably order when, a few times a year, I happen in for brunch: the pan-fried linguini and egg ($13.50).

David on the patio, awaiting his brunch while turning knives into chopsticks.

This pasta-scramble has fresh basil and roma tomatoes, al dente pasta, feta, and scrambled egg. All of this served with a drizzle of Sriracha on the side and focaccia on which they day’s sweet preserves can be spread. It’s a balance of savory, spicy, and sweet.

Pan-fried linguini with feta, roma tomato, basil, and scrambled eggs, a longtime favorite.

Parkhouse Eatery describes itself as “casual and elegant,” which is on point. It’s easy and slow and polished without being pretentious about it — like a fancy country home. I prefer to sit on the patio near the lush greenery, red umbrellas, and wrought-iron fencing that gives the place a southern feel, sans humidity.

As predictable as I am when it comes to ordering the linguini, David can be counted on to try something new. This time he went for the Tres Egg Scramble with soy chorizo, red onion, serrano, cotija cheese, and cilantro. His dish came with another Parkhouse brunch mainstay, mashed potatoes.

Parkhouse Eatery

4574 Park Boulevard, University Heights

I remember the first time — we’re talking over 15 years ago — that I was served a plate of eggs with mashed potatoes alongside. This was before I met David, and I was there with some friends after partying through the night and making it to the mimosa on the other side of sunrise.

I balked. Who serves mashed potatoes with eggs? To this day, I’ve never seen it anywhere else. But no matter what David orders, because his dish comes with potatoes and my linguini does not, I always ask for a bite of the rich, creamy, and well-seasoned mash.

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