“We’ll be be bringing our full arena lighting rig" to Winstons July 22.
  • “We’ll be be bringing our full arena lighting rig" to Winstons July 22.
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“We’ve already played 65 shows this year from coast to coast,” says Matt Collier of O.B. rockers Brothers Gow. Originally from Flagstaff, Arizona, the band relocated to San Diego in 2012 and built up a full-time gig schedule and a Pink Floydian light show.

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Brothers Gow

This year has yielded memorable tour tales.

“We played a show in southern Oregon at the Applegate River Lodge, and they have a pet deer named Sugar Bob. The deer literally sat in with us and hung out in front of the guitar players for the whole set, which was cool. Also, driving the bus through New York City and yelling ‘Hey, I’m drivin’ here’ at people was really funny. We also had a really nice older lady that went to three shows in a row on the East Coast and really wanted to marry Ethan [Wade], our guitar player, but he’s already taken....

“On this last run, we were driving through a torrential downpour in Texas and this SUV flies past our bus, going way too fast. After it was about 30 feet past us, we see it start to lose traction and spin out. We drive a 40-foot passenger bus with a 15-foot trailer, and we barely missed hitting them as they careened off the road next to us.... They looked to be totally fine, but we almost got smashed....

According to Ethan Wade, “In Tucson, I was robbed at gunpoint.... They stole three dollars and a 40-dollar watch from me. Bastards. I loved that watch.”

Brothers Gow will return to town July 22 to play Winstons before heading off to finish their tour. “We’ll be be bringing our full arena lighting rig to cap off the night,” says Collier.

It’s a sure bet you can find the entire band gorging at their favorite Roberto’s in O.B. before the show. “Being from Arizona, I think that the quality of Mexican food a particular place serves says a lot about any given region,” says Wade. “For example, the Bay Area doesn’t offer the quality of Mexican food I’ve grown accustomed to. I love good, tasty, and unhealthy Mexican food.”

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