3 Women: the women’s personalities morph
  • 3 Women: the women’s personalities morph
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3 Women is truly avant-garde. It concerns the socially awkward Millie as she incessantly narrates her every thought and action to an adoring and naïve Pinky, and Willie, an eerie mute pregnant woman who paints grotesque murals. Through a series of events (from adultery to murder) the women’s personalities morph and they seem to exchange roles. So bizarre yet you can’t look away.

  • 3 Women (USA) 1977, Twentieth Century Fox
  • Available on YouTube and Vudu

The most fantastically awful film I’ve ever seen, The Room, follows the struggle of Johnny as he navigates a love triangle involving himself, his fiancé, and his best friend. The line deliveries (and the writing for that matter) are reminiscent of a beginning level junior high drama class. It features several subplot bombs that are dropped, shrugged off, and never revisited again; close-range football tossing; and frivolous scenes that have no point. Deliciously bad, this movie makes you feel better about your worst Pinterest fail!

  • The Room (USA) 2003, Chloe Productions
  • Available on DVD from Wiseau Films
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