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Adventures in Tokyo

With new nonstop flights from S.D., find your Lost in Translation moment.

Japan had been on our vacation destination list for decades, but it always seemed too far away and too expensive. This year, noticing a substantial drop in airfare prices and the introduction of an 11½ ...

San Diego music news year in review

The Reader's top music stories of 2016

Arriving in 2016: Local gypsy rockers Quel Bordel launched a 35-artist, four-stage Gypsy Fest at the Jacumba Hot Springs nudist colony in August. It returns June 10. Maybe the most unlikely of venues debuted when ...

Stop ticketing the homeless, Mayor Faulconer

"We request that he do so as an emergency humanitarian action."

Advocates for San Diego's homeless population gathered downtown Tuesday morning (January 3) to rally and present mayor Kevin Faulconer's office with a petition calling on police to cease ticketing and arresting individuals living on the ...

Costly backstory of a big-money political power couple

New Year’s nuptials may mark beginnings of assault on county board seat

As a California assemblywoman ties the knot with an ex-member of the state's lower house who is a part-time "professor of practice" at UCSD, the cost to state taxpayers of funding the political power couple ...

Moments in time from the Gaslamp

Horton Plaza before it was a mall, Hollywood Theater, ABC Club, Horton Grand Hotel

South of Broadway: The Pigeons in Horton Plaza He used to own the Off-Broadway Theater next door, the last burlesque house on the West Coast, “I paid $5 a week rent, and I took in ...

Philippines' violence may spare UCSD grad

Former student facing deportation gets new hearing

Nearly two decades after receiving his initial deportation orders, a UC San Diego grad will have his immigration case reopened. Mark Farrales first came to the United States in 1990 after his father, a lawyer ...