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Re: “Kensington: The Only Real Neighborhood in San Diego,” January 12 cover story

As a fairly recent new homeowner in Kensington, I found it sad to see the shine slowly peeling off this historic and wonderful community.

In Kensington, it's different

Riding my bike through the Kensington neighborhood, I began to notice over the last 12 months the creeping signs of decline. To me, it seemed to begin with the infrastructure. More and more cracks and pot holes (particularly on the north side of Adams Avenue), stop signs that had fallen down, city landscaping dying or overgrown, city sprinklers not kept operating, alleys strewn with old clothes, furniture and trash, and homeless encampments sprouting along Terrace Avenue near Madison Avenue and the bridge.

These are the beginning signs of a creeping malaise which starts first on the periphery of a community and slowly and inexorably eats its way to the center.

My suggestion to our community leaders is to get out of your office or car, get on a bicycle and ride around the community for a day, see the neighborhood you aspire to represent and get a close look at what matters to its citizens.

  • Jason Douglas-Hiley
  • Kensington
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