Shit Outta Luck drummer One-Eyed Jew (center) says, “We’re just trying to get us grimy again.”
  • Shit Outta Luck drummer One-Eyed Jew (center) says, “We’re just trying to get us grimy again.”
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The boys in Shit Outta Luck are protective of their turf, which they say is slipping away.

“We are old-school punk, and we all grew up in Oceanside,” says the drummer, proudly named One-Eyed Jew. He laments the days when Oceanside was a thriving punk mecca, home to bands such as Wanted Dead, the Numbskulls, and Hometown Zeroes.

Shit Outta Luck began a few months ago from the remnants of other folded O’side thrashers — the Cassidy Street Crooks, Alcoholocaust, and Six-Six-Six Pack.

“There are no fucking punk bands anymore,” says One-Eyed. “They are just poppy and whiny and sensitive. We’re just trying to get us grimy again.”

But it’s getting harder, says guitarist Tyler Flight, who thinks Oceanside is becoming sanitized.

“Oceanside is getting infiltrated by rich yuppie kids who want to dress like they are dirty and poor. They are trying to soak up the Oceanside scene with their hipstery, super-trendy bands. We don’t need these coffee shops and home breweries and all this gluten-free-wanna-be-hippy-bearded shit. This is not Encinitas.

“This is the last low-income beachtown left on the coast, and now everyone wants a part of it. Five years ago, people called us ‘Oceanslime.’ If you were from Oceanside no one wanted to talk with you, and that’s the way we liked it. Because now everyone wants to move here and we may not be able to afford to live here eventually.”

Or to play.

“We’re running out of places to play. We just played a few weeks ago at the Oceanside Sports Bar. We had only gotten through three songs when some girls started punching each other. The owner was, like, ‘This is your fucking fault, so I’m shutting it down.’ He started unplugging us onstage. My buddy dumped a beer on his head. At least we have the Pier View Pub. That’s the last one left.”

Dani P's Cork and Tap

560 Greenbrier Drive #105, Oceanside

The day after speaking with Flight he called me to report that their May 20 show at the Pier View Pub that had been booked for weeks was canceled by the club.

“All of a sudden they wanted to charge us $150 to pay for their soundman and the door guy. They never did that before. Fuck them.”

Flight says they talked Oceanside beer bar Dani P’s, to take them in for that date.

A call to Pier View Pub was not returned.

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