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America's got ruined child voices

Another youngster sings opera in an inappropriate way

Here we go again with the surprise “opera” singer on a talent show. America’s Got Talent just revealed Laura Bretan as the latest Jackie Evancho or Paul Potts or whats-her-name, the Scottish woman who sang ...

Former Desert Line railroad prez penalized

End of the line for Donald Stoecklein?

The former president and chief operating officer (now “director of compliance”) for Pacific Imperial Railroad, the company that leases the rights to the binational railroad from Metropolitan Transit System, is in trouble with the Securities ...

Locals shamed on sales tax delinquency list

Nineteen individuals who allegedly owe $500,000 or more

The California Board of Equalization last week released an updated list of the 500 accounts with the highest use and sales-tax delinquency. Combined, the list names and shames individuals and companies that collectively owe nearly ...

A sneak peek at Monster Trucks

Reuse. Recycle. Reduce.

My buddy, John Albert, posted a link to the trailer for the inescapable Monster Trucks with the following comment on my Facebook wall: “Remember this, the next time anybody says that Hollywood ought to stop ...

Bad idea: border-adjacent campground

Scenic but potentially deadly due to smugglers and convicts

A newly released letter from the U.S. border patrol explains why a San Diego County supervisor's push to place a campground near the border may not be a great idea: it's an active crime scene ...

The torta was truly drowned

The rare tortas ahogadas at Carnitas el Jerezano

The torta ahogada (“drowned sandwich”) is one of the many signature dishes brought to you by Jalisco, the state that is home to tequila and also my paternal family’s home. From what I know, there ...

All about El Cajon's Lester Bangs

El Cajon classmates Robert Houghton, Roger Anderson, Andrew Hamlin on Lester; rock writer Richard Meltzer and fellow Creem writer on Lester; Altamont with Lester

My high school days with Lester Bangs Lest anyone think that I have a few bones to pick myself, let me make clear that I wish neither to trash Lester’s personal or literary reputation nor ...

San Diego council guilty of limiting access?

"The City is supposed to be the guardian of the public’s rights."

A government watchdog group that sued the city for denying citizens a chance to speak on non-agenda items during San Diego City Council hearings should have their day in court, ruled a panel of appellate ...

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