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Cop stop study data veiled in darkness

But enough research released to shed light on black drivers' plight

"We note that based on interviews and talking with [police] officers, these data cards contribute to low morale and there's a certain frivolity to them." San Diego State University researcher Josh Chanin, on the team ...

San Diego mayor takes action in wake of Chicano Park truck tragedy

The truck buck stops here

“When I first heard the news about a truck dropping into Chicano Park,” says Mayor Faulconer, "I naturally assumed it was just another campaign maneuver from the Trump camp. But when I learned that the ...

Bacon King and Cheetos Chicken Fries, reviewed

Burger King, better than McDonald's, but still garbage

It’s NFL season again. Which means that, besides watching the Chargers lose over and over, I also get to watch a lot of meretricious commercials. Most of them are about cars that I cannot afford, ...

San Diego Beer Week 2016's Best Bets

The most happening craft beer events

Hundreds of brewery and cross-promotional events are planned around San Diego Beer Week 2016, featuring thousands of beers. You cannot drink them all. But you can cover quite a few of them by checking out ...

Hot battle re Measure D

Counselor Briggs says ads broke the law; no, they didn't, says taxpayers association

The fight between San Diego hoteliers and attorney Cory Briggs continues on. Briggs, whose client San Diegans for Open Government sued the city and San Diego's Tourism Marketing District for what they claimed is an ...