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Dollar Rent A Car demands reporters' names

Company being sued for fraudulently pushing insurance

On February 11 of this year, the Reader published a column about lawsuits charging that Dollar Rent A Car incentivized its employees to use fraudulent methods to push superfluous insurance on car renters. San Diego ...

Drinking a 5pm Session at midnight

One of many beers I tried for the first time at Hamilton's

The best thing about my house is its location — just a few short blocks from Hamilton's Tavern. This is by design. The slightly divey taphouse has been one of our city's champions of craft ...

Gergiev and Vienna do Scheherezade in Salzburg

The curated video playlist's third entry highlights a great conductor and a classic story

It’s time for another video installment. This is video number three. Since Beethoven’s Fifth is the starting point for the playlist, how do a Russian composer and a Russian conductor fit in? Via the orchestra, ...

Cartels respond to troubling shift in consumer demographics


A SANDAG report released today indicated that 53 percent of women booked into San Diego County jails tested positive for methamphetamine, while only 40 percent of their male counterparts tested positive for the drug. That's ...