See it on the big screen, lest a house fall on you!
  • See it on the big screen, lest a house fall on you!
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Looking for a low cost way to engage the kids and beat the summer heat? Reading Cinema’s Reel Kids Summer Movie Festival may be the ticket.

Starting June 17 and continuing for nine weeks, Reading’s Town Square and Grossmont theaters offer — for a buck a head — family-friendly films every Wednesday and Thursday morning.

Sure, your kids have already seen most of the titles in the series, but they will no doubt leap at the chance to see them again. It’s also certain that every boy and girl past the age of three has already committed to memory a good portion of The Wizard of Oz. (If not, you’re kids would be better off being raised by Elvira Gulch.)

The difference between the dinosaurs, penguins, and dragons on the list and Oz is there’s a good chance your children have never left the house to visit the Emerald City. We all own the video, but nothing compares to seeing it on a big screen and with an audience.

The bookers were wise to give the film prime placement. It screens on July 1 and 2, when most families are gearing up for the big Independence Day weekend. I’ll do my best arm-twisting to see if I can convince them to screen it in one of the bigger screens at Grossmont. Nothing will ever be as immersive as my last viewing at Grauman’s Chinese (in 3D IMAX!). But I’d never pass up a chance to see Munchkins on the biggest screen in town.

For a complete list of titles, visit

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Scott Marks June 18, 2015 @ 11 a.m.

Hmmm...Excellent question? I'm guessing you should click on the link that says, FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF TITLES, VISIT READINGCINEMASUS.COM.


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