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Revolving Sushi Bar opens on Convoy

A “game-like” dining experience

The first thing you’ll need to do after finding a seat at KULA Revolving Sushi Bar is to listen carefully to the instructions you’ll be given. For example, “Do not touch Mr. Fresh.” This anthropomorphized ...

True-blue Bahamas

Get a peek of authentic Caribbean life on Grand Bahama Island.

For most of its history, Grand Bahama Island only had a few hundred people and no development. In 1955, a Virginian named Wallace Grove, eyeing the tourism of nearby Cuba, created the planned city of ...

The milk stout route

Mind, heart, and soul went into Ballast Point’s Oompa Lupus

I felt like I’d unwrapped a foil-sheathed candy bar to reveal a golden ticket and been ushered to the site where some of my favorite things are made — specifically, the exotic specialty beers of ...

Where there's hope, there's a fire station

Encinitas community and businesses consider new use for empty building

For sale or lease: one used fire station. The City of Encinitas is looking for another use for the old Cardiff by the Sea fire station. Built in 1960, the 1600-square-foot, two-truck station was the ...

But would audiences love him?

The esoteric pick of the week may suffer from a branding problem

I'm starting to wonder if a composer's name helps maintain their status? Think about that for a moment. How many composers have names that are difficult? There are a few, mainly Russian, but by and ...

What did the bacteria say to the cigarette?

"Don't make me get aggressive" — study finds that smoke strengthens bad bugs

Researchers at UC San Diego and the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System have found a population whose health actually improves when exposed to cigarette smoke: deadly, antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly ...

The Zombies come to life at Bar Pink

Tribute show features Sixties-influenced San Diegans

On taking a run at the Zombies, Bart Mendoza (who orchestrated the tribute show) relates, “As a kid, I was intrigued by the way they dressed. Paul Atkinson was my inspiration — I wore a ...

Faulconer insider bags rich stadium deal

Qualcomm food and booze nod given to big client of mayor's political aide

San Diego's growing reputation for secret city deals with those financially linked to GOP mayor Kevin Faulconer is unlikely to be dispelled by the latest news from the Qualcomm Stadium front. The trend first received ...

Mule manure monitor?

Documents suggest border agent convicted of placing camera in bathroom actually testing FBI protocol.

When Armando Gonzalez was arrested last week for placing a hidden camera in a Chula Vista border patrol station restroom, authorities thought they had nabbed a garden variety pervert. They certainly didn’t believe his story: ...

Hozier by Hozier

With a chorus reminiscent of classic Elton John and viral video amassing more than 100 million YouTube views, “Take Me to Church” quickly placed Irish singer-songwriter Andrew Hozier-Byrne (aka Hozier) on America’s musical pulpit. While ...

Nah, don't want to spend it on low-income housing

City ordered to distribute $12M in unspent funds

The city can no longer stash more than $12 million in former redevelopment money intended for building low- and moderate-income housing, says a January 20 letter from California's Department of Finance. On April 6, the ...

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