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When Tiffany Gibson of Ohio completed her master’s degree in business management from Indiana Wesleyan, she figured a well-paying job would pretty much fall into her lap.

It didn’t.

“I figured I was that person who graduated from college and who would immediately fall into a great, high-paying job,” Gibson said. “I was amazed that it didn’t work out that way.”

Gibson eventually found a gig as a human resource professional, but she recently decided to create an app called Get the Job. This mobile application helps prospective job applicants dramatically improve their odds of landing a position. The user-friendly app prepares job hunters for practically every question or scenario presented before and during the job interview process, she claims.

“There are a ton of books out there for job applicants,” she said. “But when the call comes for the actual face-to-face meeting you don’t always have time to read a 300-page book.”

Gibson has worked as a career coach helping prepare and train clients for landing their dream jobs. Her experience also includes working as a recruiter for Robert Half International and a resource specialist with Alexander Mann Solutions.

Gibson cites LinkedIn and other career websites as great tools for job searching, but hopes that the application she created will help job seekers feel confident about the interview process.

To make it a fun and enjoyable experience, the application was designed as a multiple-choice game. Users are asked up to 50 questions and their responses yield either a “correct” or “incorrect” reply screen. So that learning occurs, if you answer incorrectly, you are also given the proper answer.

A sample question reads, “You should map directions to the job location before your interview. (True or false?)”

Another asks, “Who should accompany you on an interview?"

  • a. No one
  • b. Friends
  • c. Kids
  • d. Parents (or other family members.)

“The process of applying for a job is time consuming and can sometimes take hours just to apply,” she said. “You put all the work into your résumé and application, but when the time comes for the actual interview you’re not always prepared.”

The questions Gibson selected came from her experience as a job recruiter and her own personal job-hunt experiences.

“It’s all about being prepared. When you go into an interview feeling confident, it shows.” Gibson said. “The Get the Job app helps you understand thing like: How many days should I wait before following-up with the interviewer? What is the best way to answer a question about teamwork? Or, how many pages should my resume be?”

The reason Gibson created the “Get the Job” app as a mobile game was simple. “People, particularly job seekers, don’t have time to read entire books or long articles on the interview process. They want fast, concise answers to all their questions. With the Get the Job app, In 10 minutes you can learn everything you need to know to nail the job interview.”

Besides downloading the app, Gibson recommends those looking for a new career make a set time to look for a job and that resumes are always updating and tweaked so that it is relevant to the specific job that you are applying to. General résumés are unlikely to work, she said.

‘Hopefully people can learn from my mistakes. Download this app, study it, and challenge yourself and your friends. Make it like the most important game you’ve ever played. In the end you will hopefully find your dream job.

To create the Get the Job app, Gibson teamed with SGM Games, a mobile application developer and marketing company based in Hudson, Ohio. Get the Job is available on both iTunes and the Google Play store. There is a free version and an advanced version, which costs 99 cents.

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