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A U.S. Marine who has done two tours of Afghanistan has been shackled to his cot in Tijuana's La Mesa penitentiary infirmary while being held on illegal gun charges, according to the McClatchy News Service and other media reports.

The Marine reservist, Andrew Tahmooressi, 25, of Weston, Florida, near Miami, drove through San Ysidro and into Tijuana on April 1 with three firearms, the accounts say. He had apparently taken a wrong turn.

"He is crippled," his mother, Jill Tahmooressi, told Miami TV station WSVN from her Weston, Florida, home.

"He is crippled mentally, he is crippled physically. He's been restrained, four-point restrained in chains."

"Jill said she was jolted awake by her son's phone call on April 1st," the TV station reported.

"'Mom, I got lost. I made a wrong turn and I ended up at a Mexican border,'" said Jill as she related what Andrew said to her. "'I'm telling you this in case anything happens to me. All the Mexican officials are surrounding my truck now. I'll call you back.'"

Tahmooressi allegedly made a ninja-style escape attempt from the prison on April 6, scaling a wall topped with barbed wire.

“I accidentally drove into Mexico with 3 guns, a rifle (AR-15), a .45 cal pistol and a 12 gauge pump shotgun with no intentions on being in Mexico or being involved in any criminal activity,” McClatchy quoted Tahmooressi as writing in a document for congressman Duncan Hunter.

The news service added that the reservist, who reportedly suffers from "directional dysfunction," took a wrong turn into Mexico while searching for a place to live while undergoing treatment for post traumatic stress disorder at a U.S. Veterans Administration facility.

U.S. officials have regularly visited Tahmooressi since his arrest, as has his mother, McClatchy reported. Jon Hammar, also a Florida Marine, was held for four months in a Mexican jail in shackles until being released in 2012.

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monaghan May 2, 2014 @ 1:21 p.m.

Please, nobody accidentally crosses into Mexico armed to the teeth with five weapons and, if they do, they're probably lucky to be shackled to a prison cot.


silverlover May 3, 2014 @ 8:21 p.m.

Mexico receives so much from the United States; and this is how they pay back.


Visduh May 4, 2014 @ 7:36 a.m.

monaghan, read the story. If was three firearms, not five. There is no mention of ammunition, and we could assume he had a small amount or none. The three guns are distinctly different, and all perfectly legal in the US. He claims that he was trapped in the traffic flow past the last exit on I-5 when he crossed unintentionally. All this makes sense, and could easily happen. What would not easily happen is to be inspected by the Mexican border guards. I never was checked going across. So, yes, his story is credible, and the Mexicans know it, too.

Ironically, they crack down on some unfortunate who brings guns across the border with no intention to misuse them. But at this time there is this out-of-control drug culture there that is "armed to the teeth", and using their illegal firearms for mass murder and intimidation.


dwbat May 5, 2014 @ 11:38 a.m.

In that corrupt land of bribery, relatives of Americans held in Mexican prisons will pay $thousands to get them freed. So it's a good scam they have going.


michaelhunter May 12, 2014 @ 7:17 p.m.

I have traveled into Mexico about 100 times in the past 5 years..... as I have a vacation residence in Baja.....

As a former U.S. Marine...and retired law enforcement officer, Tahmooressi should have had enough common sense to stop his car BEFORE he crossed into Mexico... there are many signs stating that transporting firearms into Mexico is illegal.

I also have an issue if this guy is in fact suffering from "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder", that he should not be in possession of firearms. I know that there is going to be many NRA people that say that firearms are a tool of the trade for a Marine, but I believe that anyone with diagnosed emotional and psychological disorders should not be in possession of a firearm.

If this guy was in a U.S. jail or prison and he tried to escape, then his freedom of movement would be highly restricted... so, I am sorry, but if he was dumb enough to try to escape then he is going to be facing additional charges, as he would have if he were here in the United States.


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