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“It's like something out of a TV commercial. Watching you guys celebrate the goals, hugging each other, jumping in front of the TV, and drinking Tecates. I don't really get you sports people, but I like it,” Chad commented on Monday, June 23, at my brother’s house in Tijuana.

A small group of friends had gathered to watch Mexico play against Croatia. It was a handsome victory for Mexico — 3-1 — and the whole country erupted in celebration.

 We did more than just celebrate the game by jumping like idiot monkeys in front of the TV while my brother’s wife nursed their recently born baby. We went to celebrate with all the rest of people in Tijuana at around 4 p.m.

Hundreds gathered around the Cuauhtémoc statue on Zona Rio. Even the mayor of Tijuana was there, reported Frontera. 

“Ehhhhh…PUTO!” shouted everyone in harmony whenever someone grabbed a soccer ball and kicked it up in the air. Around five soccer balls were being kicked in every direction around the statue's perimeter, including the couple of yards of grassy field and the five lanes of traffic that sometimes work as a roundabout. Cops closed the street to all traffic.

A recent FIFA controversy that intended to sanction Mexico's use of the word puto backfired when Mexicans united with social media (#TodosSomosPutos) and agreed that the word puto has no homophobic connotation. (Puto is slang for male prostitute; puta, is the feminine.) This is, of course, debatable, but it is used about as frequently as Californians say “dude.”


12-foot fall

“How is he going to get down from there?” Chad pointed out that a fútbol fan had climbed up on the statue above where we were standing. Next thing I knew, he was hanging from Cuauhtémoc's shield by one hand, about to fall approximately 12 feet. And he did, landing on both his feet, bending his knees deeply to absorb the shock. He was seemingly uninjured as people in the crowd helped him up, cheered him, and raised his arms high.

The guy had a level of alcohol and adrenaline that was probably at the highest it had ever been. He seemed not to have felt a thing and grabbed a beer from a cooler. He had a huge gash on his left hand and was bleeding quite a bit. My friend offered his shirt to cover his wound, but all he accepted was a cold beer, which he held, bled all over, and continued drinking.

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FatCatSegat June 26, 2014 @ 1:02 p.m.

No matter what it means, my fellow mexicans obviously don't care how ignorant, stupid and hateful we all look. This is the same attitude that allows us to call white people "Gavachos" (another derogatory term) and keeps the divide between us all. So what if we're called "beaners, wetbacks; and illegals. Someone in this dialogue should be the bigger person but no, we prefer to continue the stupidity and actually defend the ignorance with bullets.(Like the National City atrocity last week) I was watching another game not involving Mexico this week when a goalie kicked a ball and the announcer says,"Well, its obvious there are no Mexico fans here" as he and his fellow announcer laughed at the Mexican fans and went on to comment about FIFA not being able to do anything about it. So its a moral victory for the idiots and a moral disgrace for us evolved Mexicans.


David Dodd June 27, 2014 @ 11:18 a.m.

The term is "gabacho". In Spain, it is a derogatory term for a Frenchman.


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