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Serious changes bode ill for Saltbox restaurant

With a dumbed-down menu and a reduced dining room, Hotel Palomar restaurant isn't the spot it once was

Pity about Saltbox at the Hotel Palomar. The place used to have something going for it when Simon Dolinky wore the big hat in the kitchen. His dishes weren’t always mind blowing, but they had ...

Historic building to become University Heights library?

Shared–use space for the community and school district envisioned

For several years, the University Heights Community Development Corporation has been pushing to acquire the old Teachers Training Annex 1, owned by the San Diego Unified School District. The development corporation’s plan would renovate the ...

Auction looms for Encinitas' Pacific View school

Residents aim to stop sale of parcel that was donated in 1883

Recently, Leucadia resident Scott Chatfield woke up one morning at 3:00 a.m. and realized he had to do something to save the old Pacific View Elementary School. The 2.8-acre property comes up for public auction ...

Chhatrala Group in even deeper trouble

Default judgments, possible foreclosure hit

Woes at San Diego real estate firm Chhatrala Group have multiplied since the Reader reported on its financial problems January 6. In Michigan, Kent County treasurer Ken Parrish said on February 13 that the company ...