William Butler Yeats, Kevin Faulconer, separated only by time and eyesight?
  • William Butler Yeats, Kevin Faulconer, separated only by time and eyesight?
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SHOUTING "BOO YA!" AT WIKILEAKS AND SNOWDEN, NOBLE EXPERIMENT — Ever since Mayor-elect Kevin Faulconer's Media Manager Cara Talkingpoint announced the appointment of San Diego poet laureate Wanmor Bonghit to write the verse to be read at the upcoming inauguration ceremony, members of the city's literati have been wondering: Would the famously bad-boy bard sell out? Would he take the City Council's advice and pen "a humorous limerick — bawdy but not dirty — that skewers [gropey ex-Mayor Bob] Filner and welcomes Mayor Faulconer into this proud new era of San Diego government"? They need wonder no more. SD on the QT is proud to present an exclusive preview of Bonghit's poem, a "reinterpretation" of William Butler Yeats' famous work, "The Second Coming." Apparently, the allure of Yeats' immortal line, "the falcon cannot hear the falconer," proved too hard to resist.

The Informed Voter

by Wanmor Bonghit

  • Getting and spending in the widening gap
  • The Council cannot hear the Faulconer;
  • Infrastructure falls apart; the asphalt cannot hold;
  • Mere stadiums are foisted on the world,
  • The powder blue tide is loosed, and everywhere
  • The great experiment is mocked;
  • The best lack all fundraising, while the worst
  • Are full of unspecial interests.
  • Surely some demographic will rise up;
  • Surely the informed voter will rise up.
  • The informed voter! Hardly are those words out
  • When a vast image out of slumbering cities
  • Infests my dreams: a waste of tweets and posts;
  • A shape with antenna horns and cable for a tail,
  • A face smooth and glassy as the ice,
  • Is crawling slowly through the news, while all around it
  • Loll shadowed souls who do not dare indignance.
  • The Ambien kicks in but now I know
  • That seven hours of chemist's sleep
  • Are not enough for a march on the polls,
  • And what Old Boy, his hour come round at last,
  • Saunters toward Balboa Park to be sworn in?

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monaghan March 12, 2015 @ 5:51 p.m.

If Yeats hadn't been up today, more than a year later, I would have missed this. Let's never let facts get in the way of pure genius. Congratulations.


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