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Unbrighten the season

We’ve all heard about people being depressed and alone on Christmas and if you haven’t heard about that, you have now. There are several tips on how to avoid holiday depression such as reading a book and scheduling naps. So help me God, if I ever schedule a nap, I’m going to shoot myself.

Is there anything more depressing than scheduling a nap? A nap must be a spontaneous avoidance of responsibility brought on by a five-hour gap since your last dose of caffeine. I could ruminate forever about naps but I don’t want to put you to sleep. (Groan all you like at that one.)

Here’s a thought. What if you don’t want to avoid holiday depression?

What if you want to lean into that depression and feel it? What if you just want to wallow in it?

With that in mind, I’ve created the “depressed Disneyland Dad at Christmas when his ex has the kids” playlist.

On second thought, I think I’ll put a positive spin on it and call this a “brief contemplation on the mysteries of solitude at Christmas” playlist. What’s the most appropriate title on the list? Why In the Bleak Midwinter of course.

I apologize for making light of a very real issue at this time of year. I, myself, find the music on this list to be poetic and contemplative, and these pieces have brought the mystery of whatever Christmas is into my heart at one time or another.

This music makes me want to believe.

I’ve put them into what I think is chronological order but I’m not sure about the Bach and Vivaldi, they could be flip-flopped — and neither shall I Google it.

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