Elvira Bonturi and Puccini.
  • Elvira Bonturi and Puccini.
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The Guardian is reporting that Puccini’s hideout is up for sale. It’s going for about $535,000.

The story goes that Puccini knocked up the very-married Elvira Bonturi and needed a place to hide from her husband. He holed up in an inn, the property which is now for sale, near Lake Como and wrote an unsuccessful opera called Edgar. Hiding from a lover’s husband? That sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it?

He later married Elvira when her husband was killed. Why was her husband, the man from whom Puccini was hiding, killed? He was, himself, discovered with a married woman and her husband killed him for it.

Okay, so maybe Puccini was justified in dropping off the grid. The story continues. Puccini’s now-wife, Elvira, accused their maid, Doria Manfredi, of having an affair with him. The maid became so distraught and intimidated that she killed herself.

An autopsy confirmed that the maid was a maiden. Elvira was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to prison. Puccini paid Manfredi’s family to drop the charges.

Here’s the kicker. Puccini was having an affair and the maid carried messages between him and his lover.

I have previously told the rest of Puccini’s story.

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Matthew Lickona Aug. 18, 2014 @ 9:47 a.m.

How has this not been made into an opera?


Garrett Harris Aug. 19, 2014 @ 9:57 a.m.

There was supposed to be a movie in the works but I think the Puccini estate got in the way. I'm not 100% sure about that but an Amadeus-esque accounting of Puccini would be fantastic.


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