Roland Seau and David Tua
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Two reputed gang members, Roland Isaac Seau, 24, and David Lemoe Tua, 31, were ordered to face murder and attempted-murder charges after a multi-day hearing that ended late on Thursday, July 31.

Both Seau and Tua are reportedly members of a gang called Bloods, or Deep Valley Bloods, or West Side DVB; this gang is primarily made up of Samoans who claim particular streets in Oceanside, according to experts who testified.

Prosecutor Jon Oliphant showed photo evidence of both defendants with multiple gang tattoos on their bodies.

Nearly a year ago, on August 14, 2013, two men were beaten and stomped and stabbed after they were confronted by a group of Samoan Bloods, according to evidence presented in court.

Louiegie Bermas, 21, was found dead in the street about 5 a.m. The other victim, Randy Lozano, 38, survived to testify.

Lozano was reportedly attacked in the 600 block of Charles Street; the deceased man, Bermas, was killed in the backyard of the Seau home in the 600 block of Arthur Street and then dumped across the street, prosecutor Oliphant told a judge.

Shoes collected from Seau’s home had the deceased man’s blood spattered on them, according to a DNA expert who testified.

A female witness said she dated men from different gangs.

Tua, said to go by the gang name “Chops,” allegedly shared interest in the same female whom Lozano had come to visit that night; the woman lived in Bloods territory. The woman has been relocated, is now in a witness-protection program, and testified during the hearing.

Lozano is known as “Puppet” in his own gang, the Varrio Fallbrook Locos, which claims streets in another part of San Diego County, according to statements made in court.

Bermas was not known to be in any gang according to the prosecutor. Bermas was endangered because he was found in the company of “Puppet,” and he reportedly did not stop his “tagging” activity when requested by Blood gang members, and the last night of his life he was wearing the color blue in a territory known to favor red, according to testimony.

The color blue is favored by Hispanic gangsters in Southern California, who are also referred to as Surenos, according to an Oceanside police gang expert who testified.

Judge Harry Elias ordered both defendants back to court on August 28 to set a date for trial in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse.

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Ensenadamaria Aug. 3, 2014 @ 4:44 p.m.

Seau as in Junior's relative? Hard to see what gangs are doing to some parts of our cities.


Visduh Aug. 3, 2014 @ 7:56 p.m.

Seau again? Most of the reports of those with that family name coming out of Oceanside have to do with them getting killed. I disagree that is "hard to see what gangs are doing . . ." It's EASY to see that they are making a total mess. How many Samoan families came to the mainland for a better life, and they get this sort of crap? Maybe life on the island actually was better than here, and some ought to consider going back.


Eva Knott Aug. 4, 2014 @ 12:26 p.m.

It is unclear if prosecutor Jon Oliphant believes he has to overcome goodwill that the Seau name will have with jurors in San Diego County -- because one of the defendants has that family name.


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