They call him Mister Chibbles.
  • They call him Mister Chibbles.
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“A lot of times, I get, ‘You look really familiar,’ and usually the recognition comes from a guy who’s really close to his wife,” says La Mesa–based porn actor Dick Chibbles. “I don’t know if I should tell them where they know me.”

Where they may know Chibbles from is his appearances in pornographic parodies of The Wizard of Oz, The Addams Family, and Star Wars, in which he portrayed Chewbacca and managed to stay in character even during a scene with two female performers.

Chibbles has lived in the San Diego area for 13 years and been in the adult-entertainment industry for 12. Before that, he was lead singer for Hostile Intent, a hardcore band based out of New York.

“I sang with them for ten years,” Chibbles says. “All through my 20s. I started when I was 21, 22...we did a couple tribute records.”

Though Hostile Intent toured the East Coast, a career in porn was also something Chibbles wanted.

Chibbles moved to San Diego and gave himself a year to make it in porn. It wasn’t until 2005 when he found his true porn name in a film called Clown Porn.

He played a character named “Desperate Dick” in the first scene and “Chibbles the Clown” in two others, and fans and fellow industry insiders started calling him “Dick Chibbles.”

He works up in Los Angeles a few weeks of each month but lives in La Mesa with his wife of ten years, who briefly worked in the business under the name “Daisy Layne.”

When they met, his wife was working in the Coast Guard.

On a few occasions, Chibbles has found a way to connect his musical past and his porn present. In his role as the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz parody, Chibbles sings a melodically catchy, lyrically filthy ditty about a sexual encounter with the Wicked Witch.

Punk singing turned out to be good training for porn.

“When you’re [singing], you’re baring it all,” he says. “When you’re a drummer, you’re behind the drums. When you’re a guitarist, you’re behind the guitar. I’ve never met a singer skinnier than the microphone.”

Chibbles has found another way to link to his punk past in each of his films.

“Usually I have the opening and closing credits be from my old band.”

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