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All My Friends line up

All My Friends line up

Tijuana's fourth annual All My Friends music festival is Saturday, November 16, at La Casa de la Cultura. The festival features the best of underground music in an eclectic mix. Bands start at 2 p.m. and the festival is open for all ages. The line-up has over 20 bands from all over the world that you probably have never heard off. It will also feature local Tijuana bands and others from Mexico. Since I also have never heard of most of the bands, I made it my task to listen to all of them and not just one track...

I clicked on the first EP on their soundcloud. First song started with the Samsonite voice clip from the movie Dumb and Dumber, followed by one minute of brute power violence and then the song ends with another clip from the movie — Harry taking a dump in the mansion in Aspen. The name of the song is “Dumb n Dumbshit.” ACxDC, which stands for Antichrist Demoncore, from Los Angeles, is a delightful mix of power violence and pop-culture voice clips. Of course, I couldn't decipher any of the things he yells into the microphone, but who cares, you can feel the energy of the band in the recordings. This band live is going to be amazing — no wonder why they are a headliner.

AJ Dávila y Terror/Amor
Enjoyable indie hipster trendy good stuff. To be honest, is not my cup of tea. All I can think of when I listen to this music is of white people flinging their arms in the air with no rhythm whatsoever. Nonetheless, his stuff is highly enjoyable. None of it is groundbreaking by any means, not at an international level, but for Mexican and Latin rock his stuff is outstanding. Very well produced, nice rich, fat bass tones, catchy beats, sexy singing, and witty lyrics. You can't ask for much more, except for some candy. Understandable why he is up there with the headliners; he is the other side of the coin.

Ases Falsos
The bass line got me dancing right away. A complete '90s throwback with eclectic 21st-century beats and synth lines. The lyric is a pleasant resemblance of the pop-rock bands that dominated Latin rock back when MTV played music videos. This band comes all the way from Chile and their headline spot is well deserved as they have been playing for ages. They were known before as the Fother Muckers from 2005 to 2011. Still, a Tijuana audience is hard to impress, they will have to play an amazing show if they want their first show in Mexico to be a success.

Icy Demons
Think of Ratatat clashing into the Octopus Project. That was my first reaction, but as the tracks unfolded, I realized there's much more to Icy Demons than first meets the ear. Their sound is mischievous, eclectic, catchy, happy, and dark at the same time. It takes you places. It is creativity at its core, ideas played between band members, free jazz but with no annoying soprano horns to ruin everything. This L.A./Chicago band well deserves to be a top attraction and will inspire young musicians that had no idea this music could be made.

Maria Minerva
Mind = blown. The Brian Eno influence is obvious from this Estonian musician. Imagined if P.J. Harvey and Marnie Stern had a love child fathered by Brian Eno, that's Maria Minerva. Her bizarre performance will not be forgotten by the people of Tijuana, they prefer their music as intense as the city's nightlife. Maria will make you feel like you are riding the six bicycle acid trip, without even consuming anything. This will be her first time ever performing in Mexico.

Speak Maidana
Experimental hip-hop. Not much needed to be said here. His stuff is amazing and a refreshing surprise. It makes AMF a more complete music festival. No doubt that his live show will be something else.

White Ninja
They are not white and they are not ninjas. They are from Monterrey (Mexico) and they are mash-up synth artists with poppy delayed vocals. Glitchy, synthy, poppy, re-mix with a '90s touch. You would never imagine they are from Mexico...definitely inspired by underground music from the East Coast and Texas.

Casa de la Cultura de Tijuana

Avenida París #5, in Colonia Altamira, Baja

Ibi Ego
Tijuana locals since 2003, Ibi Ego is not the same anymore. They have switched members and since 2007 they have re-branded. But I never even heard of them before. What you get? Pure synth-pop in Spanish. It's good. A tad boring, but good. The cool down that will be much needed after power violence and experimental hip-hop. Listen to them while you munch on some churros, corn on the cob, or other food items that will be for sale, because you will definitely want to be sitting down for them. For those who are single, perfect moment to talk to that girl that you've been staring at since the beginning of the festival.

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