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ML: About the kids. I noticed the five kids in your bio.

DK: Yeah, I notice them every day.

ML: I have a bunch myself, and it made me wonder: do your kids think you're funny?

DK: They don't have a choice. I don't know what that means, but that's my answer.

ML: Okay.

DK: I think they do. Sometimes, when they want to punish me, they'll say, "You're not funny, Dad!" But I delight in them, and I try to let them know that I think they're funny. So it's more like a family model. We're a funny family.

ML: There's a point in my kids' lives where they start trying to make jokes. They'll be looking at me, trying to see if they're getting it right. "Is this a joke? Is this how it works?"

DK: My son, who is seven, came home last week and said, "Dad, have you heard of this book, Yellow River? Guess who wrote it: I.P. Freely." And this week, he did Seymour Butts. So I was delighted. He and I sat down for about half an hour and scrolled through jokes on the Internet, from Knock-Knock jokes to "What do you get when you cross a this with a that" jokes to space jokes to animal jokes... We were both just howling.

ML: Do you have comedians you try to make sure they know about? I made sure my kids heard Bill Cosby early on.

DK: I make every one of them do an impression of Paul Lynde. The impression goes like this: "I'm Paul Lynde." That's the whole impression. Some of them couldn't quite get it, and my wife cracked the code for them. She told them, "Just laugh and cry at the same time." They'll do that for me, because I laugh every time. And my oldest boy, he's 14. We introduced him to Airplane a couple of years ago, and he and I have watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, things like that.

ML: Do you ever get frustrated because they don't think something's funny that you've revered all your life? When I showed my older boys Holy Grail, they were like, "Oh, okay." And I was like, "You don't understand!"

DK: Right! Like, "This is important! This is one of the most important movies in history!" He kind of enjoyed it, but not to the passionate degree that I had hoped. But I showed it to him when he was 10. I should have waited until he was 13.

ML: Final question: if you had to tell people the best way to tell you apart from Rob Corddry, what would it be?

DK: One of us is bald. It's the strangest thing — even if I'm wearing a hat, people will think I'm Rob Corddry. People will watch me do an hour of standup and then come up to me and say, "We love you in Anchorman, and we love you in Children's Hospital." And I'll say, "Well, I'm in one of them." He gets it just as much as I do. It's really weird. I don't know if we have the same style or delivery. I assume it's just the bald thing.

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