Red Asphalt in Order

How can you in good conscience print such an incoherent and semiliterate piece (“My Life: Love and car crashes,” February 7 cover story), which all but celebrates reckless driving?

The author (and the text) manages to be both self-obsessed and lacking in self-awareness at the same time. Maybe the author has had a hard life, maybe is suffering, maybe is overcoming and thriving — but we can’t really tell. Any self-respectable periodical would send the article back for revision to make it about something tangible, instead of being a vain, wrecked diary of a divot. More importantly, the author blithely mentions many instances of her dangerously clueless driving, such as hitting an elderly couple while “blaring the latest and greatest Eminem song through my subs, so loud I didn’t even realize I’d hit anybody, until my car wouldn’t reverse.”

Instead of encouraging her with publication, you should have urged the author to [seek] some kind of treatment (like Red Asphalt driving lessons). If she continues the way she’s going, she’s going to kill or maim somebody and the SD Reader will bear some responsibility.

Name Withheld
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All-Seeing Device

Regarding the photo of the traffic signal array in the “City’s Red-Light Cameras Nixed” article (News Ticker, February 7).

The device mounted atop this traffic signal array is not a traffic enforcement (or red light) camera. It is an optical sensing device that “sees” traffic at the controlled intersection and controls the timing of the traffic signals. As they are cheaper to install and maintain, these optical sensors are replacing the old style induction loops buried in the pavement.

David M. McClure
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Comforted by Breastfeeding

A host of kudos to Jamie Boyd for standing up for her and her child’s rights regarding breastfeeding in public (City Lights: “Breast Milk’s Not on the Menu,” January 24).

As a recently retired pediatrician and neonatologist, I applaud her in all respects. Since retiring from practice, I travel overseas a lot and am comforted seeing moms breatfeeding their children in all places and circumstances. It’s not only the healthiest and physiologic thing to do, but it is known to promote bonding between mother and child. Usually the other children in the family enjoy seeing mom do this too. Anyone objecting to this is living in a bygone era.

To think the owner would suggest a toilet or his office as an alternative is reprehensible. I think the owner needs not only to be familiar with the current law, but to look at the whole picture — the wonderful thing happening between mother and child. I believe that all my colleagues will agree with me.

Larry S. Johnsgard, M.D.

Burned Bravo

Regarding the tuna fishermen series (Unforgettable: Long-Ago San Diego).

In the 1970s and ’80s there was a tuna boat called the Toro Bravo. I knew the engineer. I was told by one of his close relations that the Bravo burned dockside — for a reason this relative did not state.

Julian Reid
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