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Few details on Sweetwater district's student-data-sharing deal

Was South Bay Community Services "holding up money" for agreement?

A data-sharing agreement between Sweetwater Union High School District and South Bay Community Services/Promise Neighborhoods continues to be withheld from the Reader and the public from whom the data was collected. South Bay Community Services ...

SANDAG rejects damage claims of Imperial Beach residents

Sand project blamed for seawater inundating foundations

Five of the 20 Imperial Beach homeowners and groups that filed damage claims for the flooding that followed SANDAG's beach replenishment project were turned away on December 20. SANDAG's board voted that the five could ...

All Things BBQ: the Barbecue Pit

San Diego's original barbecue restaurant still going after almost seventy years and half a dozen locations.

City of Escondido contemplates equine-centric park

El Caballo Park is taking shape based on community involvement

Ensconced in the eastern edge of Escondido between the Humane Society and Dog Park, the Charros Arena and its surroundings serve as a staging ground for hikers, bikers, and horse riders. The south end of ...

Chula Vista's UltraStar theater to close

Bye-bye, dollar hot dogs and bargain tickets; hello AMC

There will be less options for low-budget South Bay moviegoers in 2014 when the UltraStar Cinemas movie theater in Chula Vista shuts down early in the year. "We've been purchased by AMC," said Cheryl Dodge, ...

Poway Pollo Spot Proves Local Beats Loco

Tucked away grilled chicken restaurant overachieves

In theory, any of the thousands of strip malls paving their way across Southern California could house delicious locally-owned restaurants worthy of repeat business. In reality, they don't. Most strip malls offer a scourge of ...