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1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular

The big bang finale of the pops season is coming up on Labor Day Weekend.

The program is ALL Tchaikovsky. That is to say the program is nothing but Tchaikovsky with just a hint of Tchaikovsky to go along with the Tchaikovsky that comes before the Tchaikovsky that follows the Tchaikovsky that comes between the Tchaikovsky at the beginning, middle, and end of the Tchaikovsky.

I love Tchaikovsky but can we get something that relates to Labor Day? Even if it were only Fanfare for the Common Man or Simple Gifts or the Act I finale of The Tenderland it would make more sense than ALL Tchaikovsky.

Oh well, it is a pops concert and Labor Day isn’t about labor anymore so who cares? It’s going to be and deserves to be a spectacular concert.

The concert is at the Embarcadero August 30th, 31st, and September 1st.

Act I conclusion of The Tenderland sans words.

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