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Workers carefully move a dinosaur

A crew was unloading a new group of dinosaurs Monday, April 1 in Balboa Park. The new exhibit, scheduled to open on April 12 at the San Diego Natural History Museum, or "The Nat" as their re-branding campaign would like us to call it, is designed to emphasize the jaw strength of the dinosaurs.

Workers, using forklifts and lots of rope, unloaded parts and pieces of the creatures. One of the museum staff explained, "our current exhibit was designed to show dinosaurs from San Diego County, but this new one will include dinosaurs from all over the country, with a focus on how powerful their jaws were."

On those dinosaurs from elsewhere; according to the Nat's website, one is an Iguanodon, and found throughout the world.

The BBC reports 30 Iguandodon skeletons were found in a mine in Belgium. The name means "toothed iguana."

Crate containing dinosaur jaws

Another of the new additions, the Euoplocephalus, fossils of which have been found in Alberta, Canada, and the Judith River Formation of Montana, is considered to be one of the most heavily armored dinosaurs. It had a clubbed tail, and bony plates covering most of its body, with pyramid-shaped horns on the back of its head. Even the Euoplocephalus' eyelids had bony structures that closed like shutters.

The new exhibit will also offer visitors a chance to touch actual fossilized dino poop.

The museum also plans to debut a new "Mastodon and Mammoth" exhibit on the 4th of July this year.

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