It has come to my attn.that everyone has their head up their arse. This is what I think as I sit outside Starbucks reading the Reader. They pontificate, fornicate, try to communicate:but "SOMETHING" 's missing:where is the direction in our Life? We all just have a hole where our soul should be.

I started Bing hated in da Womb. Wrong sex. There were 3 boys/3 girls. "I" broke the tie. How dare I?

How dare I presume to bring another female into this almost-male-dominated family? I was gonna have 2 pay. We ordered a boy, & we got a girl so we're just going 2 have 2 make her into a boy. That ol' Thayer creativeness. You see, my gr. grandfather is a famous artist who discovered camouflage. There's a lot of chauvinism in our family. I mean, Abbott Thayer was a great man, but it was a strange paradigm:on the 1 hand, he worshipped women:has a painting of a woman;says if U study it, meditate on it:you will find Truth. But on the other hand, my bro. used 2 say Thayers put women on pedestals but if they ever fell off, they were in trouble.

I used to worry about that as a kid. I mean, after all, I "was" a female. I knew I had a vagina. That was about the only difference I could see btw. myself/my bros. I was a pretty precocious kid. I knew the human anatomy real well. You see, my gr. "gr." grandfather was a surgeon in the Civil War. Abbott's father. Actually, he wanted 2 be an artist but having been adopted he opted 2 B a dr. cuz that's what his adoptive parents wanted him 2 B. William Henry Thayer. So maybe that's where the medical influence came from. I just remember having a firm grasp of anatomy @ a very young age.

But I used to worry: what's gonna happen if i fall off the Pedestal? Is it because I have a vagina? Why do only girls fall? Is it because if boys fell, they would hurt their penis? Is it going to hurt my vagina?

How would I fall? What would happen 2 make me fall? What if I've already fallen? And don't know it? This pedestal I pictured it white in my mind, about 4' tall. But it seemed far away 2 me, because even 'though I was a female, I'd always been treated like a boy. Because my bros. vowed 2 "make me into a boy". What were they going 2 do? Stretch my vagina into a penis? How was this going 2 happen? I was confused, because on the one hand, I was being treated like a boy(they wished I was a boy) but on the other hand, there was this pedestal that I could climb onto ifI was a girl. What was it like on this pedestal? i didn't think I wanted 2 climb on, if I was just going to FALL OFF!!! That sounded like a drag.

Kinda like when my big bros. piled the folding chairs on the bed when I was 2, put me on top/& then knocked them down. This was supposed 2 "make me into a boy". But it still didn't give me a penis. I could still climb up on the pedestal. Maybe that's why they hated me. I could do all the things a boy could do, but I could still climb up on the pedestal.

Maybe that's why they thought it was so funny 2 shove me out on a raft into the middle of Dublin Lake in N.H....big lake...& say,"Bye-bye". I was two. I was looked like the Lake fell off the End of the World...slowly rolling off...And here I came. I can still remember it. The sky was dark, covered by one big cloud, hanging down its tentracles like a tattered Army blanket. I could see corrugated rivulets of water rolling off into the End of the was getting dark...where would I be? When the night fell?

And then All of a Sudden my bros. rescued me. Wasn't that funny? They thawt it was hilarious. i think this is the treatment I needed after my mom's sister had just hung herself(that's what we were doing in N.H.) I had just flown from Hou. w/my sis/bro. SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER the whole way IN SPITE OF MY BRAND-NEW DRESS. "What was the matter w/her? Not 2 mention that my mother had just lost a baby AND her uterus(unbeknownst 2 her at first: w/out her perMISSION) Robert, he was 2 be my new baby bro.,:he would've evened up the score. It was bad enuf she lost a baby, but then they had to go/take out ALL of her female parts w/OUT her permission because, in Texas then, a husband "owned" his wife like a piece of cattle. There were some real doozy Texas laws on the books. Back then. My father SIGNED for her to have a hysterectomy. HE signed for HER body. She was from Greenwich Village.Very educated. Very intelligent. Very cultured. Unlike the Country Doctor who decided that since the baby had been born dead or died shortly after birth(we never knew because they REFUSED 2 talk about it), her uterus was all worn let's just take it out...& not bother to give her hormones because we don't know know "back then" that a woman needs hormones if a hysterectomy is performed on her. He meant well, I'm sure: I don't fault the Dr. I fault my father. Back then they didn't use birth control. If there was any fear of my mother,Janny,getting pregnant again,, my father, Bern, probably wanted 2 eliminate it in order 2 have sex. He was very over-sexed, acc'ding 2 my Mother.

Now here comes the funny part. At least I find it amusing. My mother had a sense of humor, Bless Her Heart; although it was poorly appreciated, as was she in my chauvinistic Family. She spent two years on the phone,relentlessly, I remember, every morning, calling a Dr. BEGGING him 2 lobotomize my Dad. Just a little snip. She finally gave up, she'd already been lost in a bottle, anyway, for 2 yrs. When I was 2, when all this happened, she started drinking. And she never stopped. The Irish took over. Alcoholism ran in her family. She took refuge in a bottle of wine...which led 2 other things...bourbon,gin,vodka...anything she could get her hands on. She bloated up to 300 lbs., no hormones, all the sugar in the alcohol just being turned into fat. I saw a picture of her after she'd had me, on a horse:she still looked trim.

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