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  • Name: Allie Carrera
  • Age: 22
  • Occupation: Teaching abroad (Guatemala)
  • Where Interviewed: Barnes and Noble, Hazard Center

What are you reading?

The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins. I saw the movie, and I was really interested in reading the book because I heard so many different things about how there was a lot more to the book. I’m just a few chapters in, but there’s way more character development. You’re in the mind of the main character, Katniss.”

For the two people out there who don’t know, what is the story of The Hunger Games?

“It’s set in post-apocalyptic times. The Capitol is in charge of these districts, and to show they’re in control, they pick two youths from each district every year to play in these Hunger Games. They fight to the death.”

Who is your favorite character?

“Katniss is the main character. She volunteers so that her sister doesn’t have to go. She’s just a very strong character throughout the book.”

What else are you reading?

“I’m re-rereading The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis. It’s a religious book. It’s basically an elder demon writing letters to a younger demon, imparting his wisdom. Demons are responsible for antagonizing the world population, and he’s imparting his knowledge of how to do that effectively — how to get into the mind of a person.”

Why are you re-reading it?

“I read it in high school. I’m re-reading it because it’s good encouragement. Also, I’m a Christian, so I believe that this is happening, or possible.”

How is it encouraging?

“It’s a reminder to be vigilant, and to understand that we’re under attack. And it tells how to combat that.”

Are there any passages you especially remember?

“Screwtape talks about how, when you’re antagonizing someone, you don’t do it so far that they’re at their lowest low. Because when you’re completely devastated, you have an opportunity to get overwhelming support and be raised quickly out of that. It’s better to slowly enforce that kind of discouragement over a long period of time.”

Tell me about the style.

“It’s very much a conversation. But he does insert a lot of things that are either witty or profound — things you wouldn’t think about before.”

What book has been most life-changing for you?

“I would say Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers. It’s based off the Bible’s Book of Hosea. It’s about a prostitute who is found by this guy, Michael. He takes her in and marries her, even though she’s a prostitute. She continues to abandon him and do things that are not honoring marriage. But he doesn’t give up on her. He just feels like God brought her to him. He persists and pursues her.”

Does his love redeem her?

“Yes. It helped me with understanding how, when you think about people in your life, you want people who are unconditionally loving you. Michael was an example — how unconditional his love was for her, even though she would run away. It’s, like, you want to make sure you develop relationships that are strong, so that even if you run away, people will be there to pick you up or come find you. It’s been important in understanding what kind of relationship I want in my life.”

Is she your favorite author?

“Yes. Her books are about these really strong women who overcome a lot of obstacles. They have really good messages behind them. The stories are based off of biblical stories, and the message is integrated.”

Do you talk to your friends about reading?

“Yes. We swap books a lot. We both like Francine Rivers. I think it’s just an encouragement, with both of us having boyfriends. The messages in the stories about men and women, and what you would want in a healthy relationship.”

Do you read any newspapers or magazines?

“I sometimes read National Geographic. I used to read our student newspaper in college.”

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