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Heather Hyatt of Epic Fighting is looking for beautiful girls.

Tell me how you got involved with Epic.

I started working as a promotional model/ring girl with a company that was sponsoring Epic Fighting called Ruckus Underground. From working with them I met [Epic’s] Jason and Jorge. From coming to the shows, we realized together that there was a need for someone to concentrate on managing the Epic models so we could help make them an elite group of girls. I have 7 years experience as a promotional model so it was an easy transition into managing the girls.

And now, what’s your job title, and what do you do?

I am the model manager as well as the matchmaker for the events. As the model manager, it’s my responsibility to interview and hire all of the Epic girls and make sure they are up to standard. As the matchmaker, I prepare the fight card for each event, this includes talking to fighters and coaches and matching the fighters according to weight class and skill. I also have to make sure they are all CAMO (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization) commission clear and healthy to fight.

What exactly do Epic models do?

The Epic girls are there to complete the Epic experience. It is their job to engage the fans and keep them entertained while the fights are not in progress. This includes being the ring girl, of course, but they are also gogo dancers, and they help take photos with the fans and sell our Epic merchandise. We have recently added a sister company to Epic fighting called Epic Promo Girls. With this company our girls can now be hired out as brand ambassadors or promotional models to do other events like bar or gym grand openings, booth attendants at trade shows, or fashion shows print and movie work.

So, how does one become an Epic model? What’s the application process?

The easiest way to become an Epic model is to email me personally with your experience and recent photos. I will respond with the next chance to audition as an Epic girl. My email is h.hyatt78@hotmail.com. As soon as the Epic Promo Girls website launches anyone interested in becoming an Epic promo girl will be able to build a profile on that site.

Is there any training involved once a girl is hired?

As of right now, there really isn’t any training the girls go through. I only hire girls that have the basic understanding of what’s expected of them during an Epic event. Once we get more clients with the Epic Promo Girls, then training will start so that the girls will be prepared for any event we book them on.

What specifically are you looking for in your models?

Obviously, we only hire beautiful girls, but everyone has different likes when it comes to beauty, so we don’t have a “type” when it comes to the girls we hire. Our fans come in every size, shape and color, so we want our girls to be eye-pleasing them.

What’s the average length of time a model stays employed with Epic?

Epic is a family, so we have our Epic girls with us as long as they want to be. We have two girls now that have been with Epic since the 4th show and we are about to have our 13th.

What would you say is the hardest part of your job?

The hardest part of my job is making sure that I only hire the best. Lots of girls come in thinking it would be “fun” to be ring girls, and it is, but it’s my job to make sure that these girls represent Epic to the utmost standard. I have strict rules for them in every event. They are not allowed to drink, smoke, or use their phones during the time they are working. Each girl hired to be an Epic girl is a reflection of me, so if they don’t look good, I don’t look good. I pride myself on always being the best at anything I do so I don’t tolerate any type of behavior that would make Epic fighting not look its best.

And what’s the most rewarding?

The most rewarding is seeing this company grow and be its very best. Like I said, Epic fighting is a family, and seeing the amazing things we can do as a family and a business is so exciting.

Any additional advice you’d give to someone interested in joining the Epic team?

There are so many ways to being a part of the Epic team. So if you’re not quite right to be a Epic Girl, there are other things that you are just right for — like sales or hosting. Just let us know what your strengths are and we will see where you can fit into our family.

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