The San Diego Foundation has to raise a lot of money to pay Bob Kelly’s $400,000 salary.
  • The San Diego Foundation has to raise a lot of money to pay Bob Kelly’s $400,000 salary.
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Last month the San Diego Foundation had a big success on its hands when the $275,000 in matching funds it put up for its “giveBIG” event resulted in more than $2 million worth of contributions to various local charities. “The moment we saw contributions in excess of $1,000 per minute,” Bob Kelly, president and chief executive of the foundation said in a news release, “we realized that the level of support our community has for nonprofit organizations far exceeded the giving in other areas. We have been working to see what else we can do to support this success.”

In fact, the foundation has consistently done well and shared some of the bounty with its employees, including Kelly. During the 12-month period ending June 2010, it posted gross receipts of $454,152,021 and had net assets of $393,268,654. It made $38,113,793 in grants and had total expenses of $51,130,790. Costs included $4,054,479 in salaries.

At the top of the pay scale was Kelly himself, who received $400,014, including compensation of $282,894 and $117,120 in estimated “other compensation from the organization and related organizations.” Senior vice president and chief information officer Duane Drake got $161,864, and Sarah Slaughter, chief financial officer, was paid $128,242. Finally, vice president for charitable giving Adrienne Vargas got $118,563. She’s married to Democratic state senator Juan Vargas, currently campaigning to replace Congressman Bob Filner, who is running for San Diego mayor.

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monaghan Jan. 4, 2012 @ 1:54 p.m.

I have questions about the one-day "Give BIG" event sponsored by the San Diego Foundation. Has there been a report that might answer some of these queries?

Aside from handsome salaries to San Diego Foundation staff, are you saying here that what was billed as a "match" from the San Diego Foundation actually only amounted to $275,000 parceled out among all the participating charitable recipients of donor largesse? If so, what was the formula for distributing the "match?" How many charities participated?

I recall that all "Give BIG" donations had to be made by credit card payable to the San Diego Foundation, with a notation about which charity the contribution was to go to. Did the San Diego Foundation get a cut of donations made? Or did each donation go to its designated charity, plus a pro rata share of the Foundation's "match?"

Also, I heard there was a 6-7% fee taken off the top as a credit card "service" fee paid to participating banks. What banks benefited from this windfall?

I think the public needs more detail about this event.


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