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Union-Tribune owner Doug Manchester is famous for his financial contributions to Proposition 8, 2008’s successful ballot drive to overturn same-sex marriage in California. Not so well remembered is his backing of GOProud, a Washington, D.C., political organization representing “gay conservatives and their allies.” According to federal disclosure records posted online by OpenSecrets.org, San Diego’s Manchester Financial Group gave $6000 to GOProud’s 527 federal fund-raising committee in May 2010. The Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel downtown, then controlled by Manchester, also kicked in a $10,000 in-kind donation. GOProud, which held an event at the hotel, then being boycotted by Prop 8 opponents, says it supports “policies that promote the power of individuals, limit government’s reach, enable economic growth through free market principles, and strengthen America’s position in the world.… We believe that every individual should be equal under the law.” Members are against gun control and in favor of privatizing Social Security: “The only way to permanent solvency in the Social Security system is through the creation of inheritable personal savings accounts. Personal savings accounts would give gay and lesbian couples the same opportunity to leave their accounts to their spouses as their straight counterparts.”

Its next big event, in Manchester, New Hampshire, is the “Homocon-tinental Breakfast,” set for this coming Monday, January 9, the day before the New Hampshire presidential primary. The theme: “Shocking revelation! Her buns were buttered…” Among members of GOProud’s advisory council are Fox News contributor Ann Coulter; Liz Mair, a consultant to former Hewlett-Packard chief executive Carly Fiorina during her failed challenge of Democratic senator Barbara Boxer; and ex–Reagan advisor and antitax advocate Grover Norquist.

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MD_LA Jan. 16, 2012 @ 12:50 p.m.

Mr. Potter:

It's interesting how your article fails to mention how Manchester (and his affiliate corporations) donated well over $300k to the "Yes on 8" Campaign... which literally took rights away from Gay CA Citizens. Two years later, in an effort to make it look like he is "impartial" to gay rights, Manchester offers a mere $16k to an extremely conservative "Gay Republican" Lobbying group... that doesn't actually concern itself with "gay equality".

GOProud (and the Log Cabin Republicans) are notorious for aligning themselves with "fiscally conservative" causes, rather than actual Gay Civil Rights. Don't believe me? Look it up. Or maybe you should have before writing this article. After all, you are the "apparent" journalist. Unless, of course, you had an agenda from the start.

Therefore, Mr. Potter, your article is basically comparing apples to oranges. In typical Republican Fashion, you are trying to prove that Mr. Manchester "really does care" about Gay Rights.

When, in actuality, this "donation to GProud" was just a feeble attempt for Mr. Manchester to end the LGBT Boycott on the San Diego Hyatt property. Interesting how you conveniently left out that this "Pro-Gay Donation" happened to coincide w/ the 2010 San Diego Gay Pride Festival (which would have meant lots of "Festival-Goers" booking at his hotel).



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