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Downtown's Bank of America branch on B Street shut down early on the afternoon of October 20 out of safety concerns: approximately 25 protesters, most part of the Occupy San Diego movement, staged a peaceful “teach-in” and protest in front of the bank.

For roughly three hours, several protesters talked to anyone who would listen about how big banks like Bank of America helped to perpetuate the current economic crisis and accepted large bail-outs at the expense of taxpayers.

Protesters chanted, “Remember, remember, the fifth of November,” the date on which thousands of people nationwide have pledged to close their accounts with large banks and transfer their funds to local credit unions.

“Corporate greed has taken over politics,” said one of the protesters, Christopher McKay. “The banks got bailed out, the CEOs made millions of dollars, and the American people got left behind. The American people need to understand that financial security with big banks is not safe. These banks gave bad loans out on purpose. We are coming to a bank near you.”

McKay and his fellow protesters covered the bank’s entrance with signs that had a variety of messages and calls to action. Many protesters stood on the edge of the sidewalk with their signs, garnering honks of support from many who drove by. Several police officers were onsite throughout the protest but did not interfere.

Corbin, a younger protester attending the event with his siblings, said he felt compelled to take to the streets because he is “tired of the banks controlling where the wealth goes.”

Organizers planned to be at Wells Fargo’s downtown location Friday and intended to continue targeting other banks.

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Joe Ewing Oct. 24, 2011 @ 11:28 p.m.

I remember a guy bragging to me about how he was tapping his equity to the tune of 100k to buy 3 houses in Las Vegas. He had tried to pull the trigger with B of A and they blew him off. Told him he didn't qualify for any of their loans. He got his liars loan from Countrywide with no income qualifying. Late in the game B of A bought all those crappy CW loans from Angelo Mozillo and now the sheeple blame B of A for the mess. That's like blaming Obama for the Iraq war... people.


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