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Gramado, Brazil: A South American Anomaly

Below the heat and subtropical savannas that spread out across millions of acres of the sub-Amazonian Brazilian interior is the Serra Gaúcha. "Serra" is a Latin American subtropical forest. The Gaúcho is the Latin American ...

Oklahoma City: Who Knew?

The last time I'd been in Oklahoma City was as a 6 year-old child. My family was passing through on our annual road trip from California to Indiana to visit aging relatives. What I remember ...

Looking for Bears in Juneau, Alaska

It had been a long, rainy week aboard our Celebrity cruise ship when we pulled into the port of Juneau on the morning of September 24, 2011. The weather was a brisk 48 degrees and ...

Rats! at the Old Town Transit Center

It may not be a scene out of Willard or an ordinary day at India’s Karni Mata Temple, but the rats are bold and plentiful at the Old Town Transit Center. Built in the early ...

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