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At the Get Motivated Seminar held Tuesday, March 8, at the former Sports Arena (Valley View Casino Center), the crowd filled the center parking lot prior to the 8:00 a.m. start time.

People gathered to hear talks by Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Bill Cosby, Joe Montana, Rudy Giuliani, Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, and former Microsoft president Rick Belluzzo.

For $9.95, a business could buy ten tickets in the “executive level” (aka Terrace level, aka nosebleed seats). With the numerous video screens placed around the center stage, every seat had a view of the stage. For an additional $9 per ticket, one could upgrade to “premium” seats between the Terrace level and floor seats. The floor-level “V.I.P.” seats were rumored to have cost $250 each.

An unscheduled speaker, a "former pro basketball player," shared his story of losing all his earnings to a bad financial advisor. He said that after learning the investment principles of Warren Buffett and others, he developed his own stock-market strategy and recouped his loses over a few years. He now sells his system at the Get Motivated Seminars.

He picked five single moms out of the audience for a system trial, in which the moms would invest an imaginary $100,000 and follow an actual stock's performance over the past nine months. At the event, it was determined that the moms would have reaped $148,000 using the system.

Just before the lunch break, sales trainer Krish Dhanam spoke for 15 minutes on “accepting Lord Jesus” into one's business relationships.

According to waitstaff at Du Par's Restaurant (across the street from the event), they didn't know about the seminar. They had a line out the door with numerous tables unused due to lack of staff.

Tampa-based Get Motivated Seminars has produced success seminars for over 20 years. The company holds seminars nationwide about three times month, usually with most of the same speakers.

Pictured: Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani

Source: Wikipedia Commons

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