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"Our investigative reporter from the Union[-Tribune], well...I'm beginning to believe that he couldn't track an elephant in two feet of new-fallen snow with a bloody nose," said Mayor James Bond of Encinitas during the January 26 council meeting.

Bond was referring to a January 24 article in the U-T alleging that he and some other councilmembers approved issuing city manager Phil Cotton a check for $8331, in addition to his $15,000 monthly contract fee. According to the story in the U-T, Cotton was paid the extra amount because of a glitch in the calendar and the pay cycle.

Some residents touched on the issue during public testimony.

"What the heck is going on? Who is in charge?" asked resident Bob Bondi regarding the extra pay. Bondi directed his statement at the council's majority voting bloc — Bond, Stocks, and councilwoman Kristin Gaspar.

"You, the controlling few, are making a mockery out of the City. All the city manager needs to do is count to three and he is home free," Bondi added.

Seconds after Bondi spoke, councilmember Stocks took the microphone.

"That is an inaccurate assertion," councilmember Stocks fired back. "That is absolutely inaccurate, and I thank you for allowing me to clear that."

After public comment, Mayor Bond stated that he plans to place the issue on a future agenda.

"There is far too much confusion," said Bond.

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TravisMcGee Jan. 29, 2011 @ 2:32 p.m.

This might be interesting only to the cub reporters at the Union Trib, but the Encinitas City Councilperson that is working with the Union Trib 'watch dog' to try and destroy City Manager Phil Cotton's reputation like she does all her political enemies; Councilwoman Maggie Houlihan, was actually the Mayor in December 2009 when everyone, not just the City Manager received a 'bump'; this includes both Maggie and Teresa 'Transparency' Barth, both of whom and all the employees and council people were paid more than they should have been.

Surprisingly, Houlihan neglected to mention that A) She was in charge at the time this occurred; B) that her pension is forever 2 percent plus more than it should have been, FOREVER AND that when Mr. Bond agendizes this subject; both John and Jeff at the Trib are going to be making omeletes with all the egg on their faces.

The best part is that Bob Bonde knew this when he accosted the council.


dirkmedia April 27, 2011 @ 2:15 p.m.

Dorian, dude -- you need to add some investigative work in order for this to be a legit "news" story. Otherwise it's just a gossip blog. Is there a record of these payments? Are there Encinitas officials or staffers who confirm the payments, even if they won't go on the record? These quotes -- are meaningless, unless there is context that would explain them. "Count to three and he is home..." What? You mean he gets a bonus if he asks for it? Or ??? "Inaccurate assertion"? What's the assertion? What is Stocks' history in the realm of voting, salary, or questionable bonuses? You can't just throw an accusation and some quotes together and call it a story.


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