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  • She did not graze on all fours but
  • wrapped her arms and legs around Adam
  • and said, “Oh, Daddy. It feels so good,”
  • and he promised her a little place of
  • her own in Manhattan.
  • God saw that he had made a mistake
  • and put him to sleep, wiped his brain
  • smooth as a grape and tried again with
  • Eve
  • who lay flat on her back, arms and
  • legs extended as if she had fallen from
  • a tree. As Adam tried, she talked out
  • loud, “So much to do, so many animals
  • to name, so much adoration to give
  • Him.”
  • Adam rolled off her, sat up holding his
  • side. “It hurts,” he said.
  • “What does?”
  • “Here.”
  • “That’s called a rib.”
  • “No. Above that.”
  • “Your heart. I’ve only been here ten
  • minutes and already I know ever so much
  • more than you.”
  • “I think it’s broken.”
  • “Oh, pooh. Everything’s wonderful and
  • all you do is complain. You should be
  • glad you’re not an insurance salesman.”
  • Adam had to admit she was right, yet
  • what was that smell of crushed fern,
  • such heat disguised as words, a vision:
  • lovely toes pointing toward the sun.
  • “Sorrow,” he said, “I feel sorrow.”
  • “You eat too fast,” said Eve. “It’s gas.”

In the apocryphal literature, Lilith was the first wife of Adam, sometimes portrayed in ancient lore as an evil demon, but also, in medieval mythology, as a powerful, independent woman who refuses to be subservient to Adam. Ron Koertge is a well-known, greatly admired poet with a quirky wit and a genius for imaginative and playful narrative. He is also the author of several brilliant, award-winning young adult novels. “Lilith” was originally published in a collection of Koertge’s poetry titled Diary Cows, published by Little Caesar Press. Photo credit, Sonia Sones. The poem is reprinted by permission.

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nan shartel Dec. 17, 2011 @ 4:53 p.m.

i love this

he should have kept Lilith...hahahahahahahaha


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