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“Whenever we enter the political season, it is important to make sure that certain processes of government stay out of politics entirely,” said councilmember Carl DeMaio at the outset of Monday's meeting of the Audit Committee. “I was shocked to see that the ‘Yes on D’ campaign had featured a quote from our city auditor, Eduardo Luna, as though he has endorsed Proposition D. I think it's shameful. It's extremely distasteful, and it perhaps foreshadows things to come,”

District five's representative was referring to a political mailer sent out to voters pushing the sales-tax reform measure.

Luna responded to DeMaio's questions of whether he has endorsed Proposition D, whether the quote was accurate, and if he authorized the pro-Prop D campaign to use his quote.

“I am not endorsing the campaign one way or another. It was an accurate quote. I wasn't asked specifically to use that quote on that mailer.”

Using Luna as a pawn in the politics for both pro- and anti-Prop D campaigns recurred, despite DeMaio's admonishment after Luna had delivered a presentation on his role in certifying the ten reform measures if voters approve the five-year sales tax.

“You're aware of an [ordinance] that the city council passed last Monday laying out budgetary principles,” said DeMaio, referencing last week's ordinance where Prop D politicos, including the Mayor, assured that the city would curtail spending and replenish general-fund reserves if Prop D was approved.

Continued DeMaio: “What affect does that have, if any, on your obligations and discretions...to certify the ten [reform measures]?”

“Based on my understanding, it has no effect,” responded Luna.

“Thank you very much. I appreciate that candid and direct answer,” said DeMaio, smirking behind the microphone.

Minutes after councilmember Kevin Faulconer adjourned the meeting, the anti-Prop D contingent issued their own press release.

“The City Auditor's response confirms what the No on Prop D campaign has said all along: Prop D is flawed and contains no guarantees that fiscal reforms will be implemented to fix the city's financial problems,” read the press junket from T.J. Zane, head of San Diegans Against Government Waste.

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Founder Oct. 12, 2010 @ 11:04 a.m.

  • DeMaio's Rout -

Great $TORY of DeMaio's Rout About $an Diego's $ELLOUT.

Don't forget, Vote No on D Just how $tupid can we be

Now our Leaders are thinking of another $TADIUM While our City's now in huge all time debt, which is just DUMB

I think they all have a lot of Gall Voters should now start thinking RECALL!

from http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/np-star/2010/aug/26/rhyme-a-day/#c74412


SurfPuppy619 Oct. 12, 2010 @ 10:12 p.m.

Prop D, like Prop H, is going DOWN.

I will bet my life on it!


a2zresource Oct. 13, 2010 @ 2:19 p.m.

If D passes, who gets the increase in sales taxes in any CCDC project area?

My bet is that it goes directly to CCDC by state law as recently amended with Hiz Honors blessing, unless there is a multi-jurisdictional side agreement not subject to voter approval and still under wraps to have any portion going to the City of San Diego go anywhere that is not the general fund.


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