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A 30-year-old Florida man named Donald Johnson was shot with a 9-millmeter pistol while he waited in his car for a friend who had gone inside a Rosarito bakery to buy bread.

The director of the municipal police said the incident occurred on Tuesday, November 2, at around 1:00 in the afternoon in a parking lot outside the bakery on Calle Cinco de Mayo in the Colonia Crosthwaite.

According to the preliminary reports, a red pick-up truck with several individuals inside pulled up next to the vehicle that Johnson was waiting in; an individual got out of the truck and fired five shots with a pistol.

However, police investigators from the Playas de Rosarito division found only one shell casing at the scene of the crime. The wounded man arrived at the hospital for medical attention in his own vehicle, although it is unclear who was driving the car.

The chief of police said no suspects had been captured as of Tuesday afternoon and that Johnson was being kept under police guard at the hospital.

Source: Frontera

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prettydiva Nov. 8, 2010 @ 4:58 p.m.

According to official reports the guy had drugs in the car and was in jail in the US before....


Maggie Nov. 12, 2010 @ 9:01 p.m.

Wow you get a hundred bucks for this plus twenty five for the pic you took from Frontera and you are two days late with the story ?

Teehee, what a racket! Anyway, yea what you forgot to tell everyone from the initial Frontera report was that the armed man was firing shots into the air, the victim identified these guys as "skinheads" or "chollos" and it was very clear how the dude got to the hospital - his friend drove him.

As far as pretty diva's statement - if the gringo had dope in his car he would have been arrested, and there have been no reports of a gringo with a prior record arrested in Rosarito. Unless Ms. diva has access to police records?

Hey, is anyone going to submit the stories already written by Mexican journalists about the browning machine gun and grenade launcher seized in TJ? Whoa, how about the 3 grenades thrown at the PGJE in Playas last Monday? Well, they didn't go off so I guess that doesn't count. I liked the one from AFN how the outgoing Mayor of Ensenada says the Marasalvatruchas are in Ensenada posing as Mexicans.

I need to get in on this racket I tell you.



Maggie Nov. 12, 2010 @ 10:24 p.m.

I just do not understand this - how can a gringo take credit and get paid for something that the Mexican journalists wrote? After all, Mexican journalists do not make hardly any money, and this gringo pockets it? No wonder they don't like Americans down here. Wow, what a scam, just like the real estate business down here!!!

Here is the original article from Frontera with the picture Mr. Beaudeau "borrowed" without even giving Frontera credit for the picture, he got paid for that too?


Now, did Mr. Beaudeau cover the protest last summer of all the Mexican journalists not only locally in TJ, but throughout Mexico over the violence against them from covering not only the drug war but other corruptions?

I don't think he did. So, in other words, Mr. Beaudeau is sort of like a carpetbagger making money off the backs of the Mexicans. That's just downright unethical.

Hey Beaudeau, why don't you give the Mexicans a cut? They wrote it, they took the pictures, not you. Do you even live here? I don't think so.

Now, for those of you who are interested, here's the other two stories I was talking about:

The weapons and 2 burned bodies:


The ex-Mayor of Ensenada's statement re the Maras in Ensenada:


I'm going to subscribe to this thread and I'm going to constantly be on Beaudeau's case for lifting material and photos from the Mexican press and getting paid for it until the Reader starts to at least compensate the Mexican journalists and photojournalists who put the story together initially. It is unfair, it is unethical and it is typically greedy gringos hard at work making money off the backs of the Mexicans.

And, you can always find me.....




a2zresource Nov. 12, 2010 @ 11:06 p.m.

All right! We have a new stringer to write stories!

Can you do movie reviews too? Maybe there's an opening...


Maggie Nov. 12, 2010 @ 11:16 p.m.

Are you pulling my chain? I think this is downright disgusting that gringos are making money off of stories written by Mexican journalists.

I guess it doesn't bother you guys.



David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:05 a.m.

Re #5: He lives here. Since absolutely NO ACCURATE NEWS is covered from Tijuana in English anymore unless headless corpses are involved, and since every newspaper and magazine in the universe writes a story quoting sources when they use them, and since Frontera doesn't have an English edition, and since you are only presuming how much stringers are paid (much less than the fact that it takes 2 days from submission to publication online because the Reader is a WEEKLY), you might want to back off from your misplaced indignation before you give yourself an unnecessary stroke.

If not for a few of the Baja stringers in the Reader, no one north of the big metal fence would ever read anything that happens down here unless a lot of dead people were involved.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:07 a.m.

Oh right, I guess this is what it means to be cool, hep and liberated...taking advantage and getting paid for swiping stories.

Finally, the best part of these stories from the Mexican news sources are the comments by the Mexican people - I guess that would be too radical for the READER to link to - it might scare the gringos. After all, they have to keep it mainstream with the pretense of really being on the edge.


(rolling eyes gesture)

Film reviews, ah cmon you're being sarcastic - nope, but surf reports and it is flat, flat flat.

Well, this sure ain't the Berkeley Barb.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:11 a.m.

(cont.) - Just noticed, you just did the same thing in your own weblog. Did you pay the journalist and the photographer?


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:19 a.m.

6: I'm not presuming anything, it's advertised in your face how much is paid for these stories and pictures.

You give yourself too much credit there daddy-o.The fact that you are not indignant because this gringo is making money off of the Mexican's backs is revolting. Just as bad as Allison & Partners, and to top it off you have elevated yourself to some kind of guru-expert standing, which you are not.

You're so cool, why didn't you report on the journalists protest down here? Gee, I guess that wasn't a priority.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:21 a.m.

8 I did not do the same thing, I am not making money off of translating the news, this guy is, that is a huge difference.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:24 a.m.

You live where, in Playas? And you think that's "the edge"? You can't swing a cat in Playas without hitting a gringo. Where I live, you couldn't find a gringo in a ten mile radius. And the particular guy you're going on about lives in a part of Tijuana you would never dare visit. You're a guest in Mexico, you're not some self-appointed savior of the Mexican people. There are two extremes here when it comes to gringos: The stupid, drunken, occasional tourists that are tolerated because Mexicans can make some cash from them, and gringos that come down here and rent a place for a few years and see these good Mexican people as completely disadvantaged because of other gringos.

The truth, apparently, is something you've never seen here. Lighten up and look around you. In the midst of this supposed war raging on, people simply go on with their lives. No one has their head on a swivel. There is an abundance of art, industry, opportunities for education, free medical care, affordable housing, great food, interesting people. And your blog entries are stories about the smuggling cartels and violence?


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:27 a.m.

"You're so cool, why didn't you report on the journalists protest down here? Gee, I guess that wasn't a priority."

Because it is illegal for a foreigner to do so. And I'm not a journalist, even if it was legal for foreigners to join a demonstration in Mexico. They can and will remove you from Mexico for doing so.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:30 a.m.

Oopsie, well refried gringo, you cannot spin that last statement of yours and you know it.

Try, but you just cannot.

My, aren't we defensive and in total denial?

teehee, Mr. Bigshot turns out to be a big fat bully trying to twist and spin. Well, at least everyone can see where you are coming from.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:31 a.m.

"I did not do the same thing, I am not making money off of translating the news, this guy is, that is a huge difference."

No, it's not. His stories are not translated word for word, they are capsules of the stories in his own words, and he sites the source. There isn't anything illegal about it, and he doesn't owe the journalist anything except for a source citation.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:36 a.m.

"Mr. Bigshot turns out to be a big fat bully trying to twist and spin. Well, at least everyone can see where you are coming from."

If you don't believe me, go protest to your heart's content, I've seen people removed from Mexico for less, and I know it's illegal. I didn't come down here two decades ago without thoroughly researching this. I'm not spinning anything, I'm telling you how it is. You can believe whatever you want to believe, that's up to you.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:39 a.m.

It gets better...there is nothing illegal in posting a link as your buddy did here and made money doing so, to a story in the Mexican news about the protest in Tijuana and throughout Mexico of Mexican journalists - there is nothing illegal in doing that.

We're not talking about physically joining a demonstration in Mexico, we all know that is not legal for a gabacho to do. What we are talking about is linking relevant material - which obviously you get paid to do - and yet no where do I see an article about the journalist's protest here.

You know as well as I do, there would have been nothing illegal in doing that, but since I don't see it here, it is obvious that this site is very selective and avoids pertinent issues.

Dance little bear !


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:41 a.m.

What is wrong with you? No one said anything about joining in a Mexican demonstration. My question was why the demonstration at least in TJ, was not reported here?


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:49 a.m.

And finally, there is a huge difference in translating the news and not making money off of it, and taking a story and pictures from the Mexican press and making money off it, especially when journalists and photojournalists don't make squat down here.

It is exploitative, period.

It is just as bad as the gringos who come down here and make money off real estate.

Furthermorte, if you guys are so instructive and really feel you are in the only position to educate the masses, then why not take some material from Zeta?

The moment that you do that then you can pat yourself on the back, but not until then.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:50 a.m.

"What we are talking about is linking relevant material - which obviously you get paid to do - and yet no where do I see an article about the journalist's protest here."

First, I RARELY submit a stringer story here, so if you're insinuating that I'm T.B., you would be incorrect. And stringers submit stories 'they' find interesting, not what 'you' would find interesting. Next time some protest takes place that reaches your Berkley muse, then submit it. Of course, you might run the risk of criticism that you could possibly be exploiting the unfortunate position of Mexican journalists by writing a story about their demise and profiting from it in some way. See where that line you are drawing suddenly takes on a different shape and tone?

This publication prints what it wants to print, I hope you get a chance to read it all instead of keying in on stringer stories from Baja.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:53 a.m.

And you are dead wrong, he owes the Mexican journalist plenty, especially since he's making money off of him.

Exploitative there is no other word for it, AND YOU KNOW IT. It is the primary reason why Mexicans do not like gringos, they are sick to death of being used.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:05 a.m.

Oh brother, I would never submit a story taken from the Mexican press along with a picture taken from the Mexican press and accept money for doing it. That is the issue here and you keep attempting to twist it around doing a Karl Rove jig and it is really disgusting. Neo liberalism at it's finest !!

As far as reading this paper, no thanks. The Reader is not what it was twenty years ago. And everyone knows it, it has gone mainstream and selective - and with point men like you who are completely convinced that they are the experts, it's a complete joke.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:12 a.m.

You are entitled to your opinion, incorrect as I find it.

You do not understand journalism, you have this set of standards you want to apply to the world, and if people don't see it your way, you seem to become upset. You only want to read stories from revolutionaries, stories about protests, the drug smuggling wars, grave injustices done to Mexicans at the hands of tourists and expatriates, everyone's out to rip off Mexicans.

Lady, I've given more to this country than I ever gave to my own.

As for T.B., since he's not going to come in here and say anything, I'll tell you what I've seen from him: Giving money to the poor here, living amongst them, being a part of their lives, unassuming, asking for nothing in return. He lives in the crappy little room, overpaying the rent because he's a gringo and doesn't know any better. He doesn't care. Last time I saw him, he invited me for lunch at a place he frequents, knows the people there. They overcharged him ten dollars. I pointed it it to him, but he already knew. He paid it without complaining, even left a nice tip.

Who took advantage of whom?

See, I'm guessing you're from the S.F. area originally. So was he. Dollars to donuts you two are the same age, too. I just wanted to carry on this conversation long enough to spring that on you. He was a sixties hippie. Still holds the same ideals. He also understands rules in journalism, and apparently you don't. That's the only difference between you two.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:37 a.m.

Wait, once again rereading your posts you have twisted what I said. I said you guys think you are reporting things on the edge. That is the impression you like to think you are giving the public, but you are not.

You have a really bad habit of twisting peoples words, either that or you can't read - but I don't think it's that you can't read - you are not to be trusted, you are devious and you will do or say anything to try to achieve maximum damage control, but you really are not that good at it.

I am a native of San Diego, I grew up down here, I am not a guest, I am a resident so don't try to minimize my perceptions. People do not simply go on with their lives here, they do not. This is a tragic situation of a society imploding. And for you to try to sell this twisted conception of yours to the public is deceitful and unfair to the Mexican people.


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:38 a.m.

RE "Wow you get a hundred bucks for this plus twenty five for the pic you took from Frontera and you are two days late with the story ? ... I need to get in on this racket I tell you":

I repeat: It looks like we have a new stringer to write stories.


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:48 a.m.

Nobody is required to write movie reviews to get paid as a stringer, but one who has been doing movie reviews at the Reader for ages just wrote his last column, and it does appear that the position is now open.

Take your best shot or ignore the opportunity; it is your choice.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:57 a.m.

"People do not simply go on with their lives here, they do not."

Yes, WE do. WE go shopping, WE work, WE pay our bills, WE enjoy family gatherings, WE. I personally live my life just fine here, so does my wife and the two of three kids still living in Baja. All of these drugs have been passing over the border for decades, the only reason the wars broke out was because the corridor for transport shrunk. Then the U.S. pressured Mexico into fighting the Cartels, and the Cartels started fighting each other over the turf left behind by those who were killed or captured. The VAST majority of what is going on here in Baja is NOTHING compared to what's happening in Juarez and all over Monterrey. The VAST majority of the death and destruction is the authorities and Cartels fighting or the Cartels fighting each other, and if you live here how do you not know this and see it for what it is?

This is the one and only story that needs to be written about the Cartels: Twenty billion dollars per year.

Wrap your head around that and every damned thing that happens here concerning the Cartels doesn't need to be explained. People not involved in it aren't diving into bunkers here. Stuff goes down right near the street from where I live, but I walk right by it and no one cares. A block away, a couple of people "involved" were gunned down in their vehicle waiting for a traffic light. The cops picked up the casings and took photographs and someone hosed off the street and a few hours later, it was as though nothing had happened.


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 1:58 a.m.

Nobody is asking you to rip off anybody else's work. Be ethical and submit your own, and if it is accepted for publication, CHA-CHING... you get paid.

I've never been paid to blog about anything here. I do it because I can. If somebody in Mexico chooses to re-write what I've written and can make money on it, then he or she is free to do it.

For all of the effort you have expended in the last couple of hours while I was napping, you COULD have written up something for submission, but you made your choice, and it is now part of the record here. Personally, I don't cross the border anymore, and nobody south of the border misses my business. I'm not your competition; write what you will, be objective, and inform us. Otherwise, everybody who reads things at the Reader on-line gets to see what's going on here and can make their own judgments if your volume of comments add or take away from the discussion.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2 a.m.

Give it up gringo, you don't know what I read. Since you cannot spin your way out of this, you are attacking me, making assumptions about me, what I believe.Oopsie, time to attack the messenger.

The only thing you sprang on me was really no surprise, another attempt to try to turn this around from the real issue. It is you who has been caught consistently manipulating.Oh and now we get to listen to how great this Beau whatever is, oh god, someone start playing the violin, quick !!

When men start saying things like "Lady", you just know they are pissed off. Oh pardon me while I shirk in a corner because the gringo guy has assaulted me personally and he really thinks he knows all about me.

Teehee gringo, you lost. but you know what, Allison & Partners are paying really good money for spinners right now, maybe you should get a job with them, or who knows, maybe you're already working for them. Heck, I think you could really sell real estate down here, even now - and be able to pull it off.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:15 a.m.

You've done nothing but throw insults at me because nothing that you have to say has any substance and you don't bother to read my comments, you simply assume. In fact, comment after comment directed at me are filled with 90% insults; it is not uncommon for this to happen when someone doesn't know what in the hell they're talking about. Go back and read your comment #28. Here's what you have to say:

"Give it up gringo..." Give WHAT up? Is this some stupid battleground for you?

"Since you cannot spin your way out of this, you are attacking me, making assumptions about me, what I believe.Oopsie, time to attack the messenger." I don't spin anything, I've lived here for two decades and you're trying to tell me what I haven't seen for myself. You're the one who is assuming things here.

"It is you who has been caught consistently manipulating." Manipulating what? What is there to manipulate?

"When men start saying things like "Lady", you just know they are pissed off." Wow, you must be a mind reader. Well, except that I'm not pissed off.

"Oh pardon me while I shirk in a corner because the gringo guy has assaulted me personally and he really thinks he knows all about me." Why would I assault you personally? I'm responding to your comments. Does that bother you, when someone disagrees with you?

"Teehee gringo, you lost. but you know what, Allison & Partners are paying really good money for spinners right now, maybe you should get a job with them, or who knows, maybe you're already working for them." I'm sure you're not attempting to be INSULTING, right?

"Heck, I think you could really sell real estate down here, even now - and be able to pull it off." I don't even know what this means, maybe it's another insult?


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:21 a.m.

27 Are you talking to me? You know what, I'm glad that this is part of the record. I'd say this conversation has exposed quite a lot.

Meanwhile, I would suggest your readers log onto Zeta- if they are not bilingual - there is an English edition, you just hit the button. And, the local Mexican new sources here, again, if they are not bilingual, they can hit google translate at least. And then, they'll be able to read the stories and the comments to get a sense of what the Mexican people are thinking.

And here are those links:







And in your words, 'CHA-CHING' !! Except the reward won't be monetary, it will be that they have put their finger on a wealth of information they simply will not receive anywhere else.

As far as me submitting something here, that will never happen I can assure you. It's just so mainstream, sorry.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:25 a.m.

Oh gringo, come on, I think you need a drink. You made this battle by twisting what I said from the very beginning consistently and attempting to avoid the issue.

Yea, I do think you need to give it up.


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:26 a.m.

RE "You're so cool, why didn't you report on the journalists protest down here? Gee, I guess that wasn't a priority":

See? Nobody else has written anything that I know of about any journalism protest in Mexico. You just reported something we north of the border that we have yet to hear of, at least not yet through the Reader.

Maybe it is your destiny to be that reporter. Maybe it is your destiny to get paid for it. I don't know if you will or you won't; what will be from your choices is what will be.

My complaint is that if the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE goes out of business, then the Reader is in no way ready to fill the gap for local news. The Reader needs more stringer reporters, not less, and if anyone have something to offer, then that person should submit articles for publication. Since nothing I have ever submitted before was found acceptable, I write bog posts. I'm not going to let poverty stop me from writing what I can back up with facts, because in America, I have the right to do that, and the Reader puts up with me. You can see my comments on that as part of the record here at the Reader, or not; the choice again is yours:

As for getting ripped off by others, I notice that the quality of my blog posts is good enough that energy industry investor-analyst web sites have started to either link to my SDG&E and Sempra Energy blog posts here or just copy part or all of my SDG&E and Sempra Energy blog posts here on their own sites. As far as I am concerned, that is a matter for the Reader to deal with, not me. I imagine that it is a tolerable practice for the Reader, as any industry acknowledgment of my writing is a plus for the advertisers who actually pay to be included in the on-line edition. Those are issues that are beyond me, as I AM NOT A PAID READER STAFF MEMBER, just some joker with a computer and some basic research skills.

Try it. You just might like it.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:31 a.m.

Oh I had to reread that...hahaha you know exactly what it means, it means you are a professional PR person gringo. And as far as anything not being uncommon, it is not uncommon for PR people to twist words, to change the subject, to berate.

But the really scary thing about you, is that you think and try to convince people that you are an expert. And that is not an insult, that is the truth. It's scary.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:43 a.m.

Wait...look a2zresource - these guys at the Reader and the Trib who read the local TJ papers knew what was going on and they decided not to show any solidarity, sugar coat the situation, maintain the impression that everything is OK down here which was a real kick in the teeth to journalists and photojournalists down here, it really was.

Good luck to you, my destiny is to get some sleep. And, the Trib will fold it's just a matter of time.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:50 a.m.

Maggie, listen, read your original statement:

"I think this is downright disgusting that gringos are making money off of stories written by Mexican journalists."

Now, how many U.S. articles have you ever read that began:

"According to (insert foreign publication here), this happened..."

Do you think for a moment that the writer of that piece owes something to the foreign publication? They don't! That's not how it's done! Don't you understand that? The writer quoted the source and wrote his piece on it. How many times have you seen El Mexicano or Frontera or other Mexican publications do the same thing? If the writer quotes the article word for word, then that's plagiarism, otherwise, when put in the words of the writer, it's proper journalism so long as the writer has the courtesy to quote the source.

Everything else you've written about this argument is some attempt to win some non-existent battle. Now, feel free to post a hundred insulting and demeaning comments about me that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand, I'm taking a nap.


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 2:54 a.m.

Sleep on. Just don't expect to get paid for it.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:19 p.m.

Well no gringo, I will have the final word. The Reader advertises for stories they will pay the writer for. It says so right at the beginning. So anyone can take a story and pics from the Merxican sources down here and make money off of it.

That's not right. You guys are mercenaries of the worst type.

Furthermore, I don't know what planet you are living on, but my neighbors who are Mexican are freaked out about the situation here. So, you are using this paper to distort the reality. I wonder why. Not only that, you guys take these articles from the Mexican sources and yet you are very selective and non supportive of the Mexican press, obviously. God, that's disgusting. so, you are users with your own agenda which is distorted.

You need to reread what you wrote about what I worte, completely twisted I mean, were you drunk?

Not only that, this Beau guy I find out is a hack for the Reader, not just some joe blow on the street trying to pick up a little cash. And, obviously he cannot translate Spanish, I mean he even got the story wrong. The victim was transported to the hospital by his friend, the victim identified the shooter and his friends as gang guys (skin heads) - which is important, and the shooter was firing into the air. So in other words, he left out some important details and the Reader published misinformation. Wow I call that great journalism. teehee.

Well not to worry, the Reader is obviously going in the same direction as the Trib - advertisement before real stories comes first, and that as we all know is the death knell for any newspaper.

Keep drinkin the kool aid there gringo.

BTW there are some excellent stories this morning on Frontera regarding child pornography and the child sex industry in Tijuana - good thing I put up those links, because I don't think you guys are going to cover those issues either.


Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 12:41 p.m.

It all makes perfect sense gringo - the reason the Reader does not link the actual story from the local Mexican news sources with comments by the Mexican people is because these comments in themselves would totally and completely invalidate your claims,perceptions and interpretations of events here and how people are feeling.

tsk, tsk.



Maggie Nov. 13, 2010 @ 3:06 p.m.

Oh poor gringo, but remember gringo it was you who attacked me,said I didn't know what i was talking about, etc. Unless of course you delete all of your messages, which I think you are capable of doing.

So, let's clear this story up: The writer who submitted this story actually works for the Reader, and he has modified the story. No where in either Mexican source which printed the initial story does it state the police were guarding the hospital where the American went, clearly it is stated in the Mexican sources that it was the American's friend who drove him to the hospital, clearly it was stated in the Mexican sources that these were Mexican gang guys(skinheads/chollos) in Rosarito Beach shooting off a weapon into the air in broad daylight and even more importantly, there were no arrests. Also, there has been no report of the American having drugs in his vehicle, or being arrested for that.

It is obvious that either someone doesn't speak or read Spanish, or they do speak and read Spanish and yet they modify the news. Why would someone modify the news and change a story around adding details which were never printed by the Mexican sources in the first place and omitting important details which might affect your as a tourist perception of what is going on down here and you and your family's safety? Doh.

And that is what I call spin, wow what a trusted source !!

Now if Miss what's her name can provide a police report and validate her statement that would be enlightening, but right now, I don't believe any of these people who are hired hacks for the Reader.

Bye y'all and watch out for skinheads in Rosarito Beach.


MsGrant Nov. 13, 2010 @ 5:24 p.m.

FYI: David Elliott, former movie critic for the Union-Tribune, will be replacing Duncan.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 6 p.m.

Elliott's an interesting move. There's certainly no shortage of former U-T writers around town these days. He's no Duncan Shepherd, but I reckon he's acerbic enough ;)


a2zresource Nov. 13, 2010 @ 9:53 p.m.

I think Maggie has this perception of the SAN DIEGO READER (formerly SAN DIEGO WEEKLY READER) as some sort of all-seeing deity that has unlimited resources to follow every story everywhere on the planet until it is nothing but a huge link farm. Unfortunately, I think her prayers are misplaced, and her assumptions regarding who has been responding to her comments appear to be based on what others may see as mild, uninformed paranoia. It is either that, or she is lapsing in her usage of the personal pronoun "you."

I personally have a full plate writing as I do already, as I suspect most of the other writers here do, paid or unpaid. I am an idiot for taking on more, but that's just me. When any paid writers have asked if they could write on any topic that I may have blogged about, my answer has always been for them to go ahead and do so.

I believe Maggie understands her opportunity here to blog-post what she may about Mexico, and if she chooses to do so, then at least some Reader readers will read it, whether they leave comments or not. I do not use comment counts to satisfy my ego; I just keep blogging because I feel being silent is not the right thing to do. She also seems very aware that she may actually submit stories as a stringer; whether she does or does not remains to be seen. Certainly we are not stopping her from setting up a nom de guerre sockpuppet account to publish as a blogger if she fears reprisals as a stringer.

If Maggie believes that we are served by her silence about Mexico, then so be it. Otherwise, she could be doing something that is more than just a monetary benefit to herself but a social awareness benefit to people north and south of the border.

I don't know all that much about Mexican law; maybe it is a country where there is no inalienable right of free speech, free press, and free association. That is an internal matter for the Mexican people to decide. As for the Mexican side of my family, my ancestors gave up on Mexico over ninety years ago and left never to return, never looking back, during the revolutions that make the current drug cartel problems look like some sort of picnic in the park.

People who know of the actual extraordinarily bloody history of presidential succession in late 19th-century/ early 20th-century Mexico will know what I am saying here. That was when the still un-Americanized sons of Mexico knew how to throw a REAL fiesta.


David Dodd Nov. 13, 2010 @ 10:47 p.m.

There are expats that come down here to Baja and retire. Their entire existence up to that point was from the U.S.; and although perhaps they might have spent a lot of time in Baja vacationing, their entire geographical and cultural starting point for the ideologies that have shaped them have been based on that premise. Their particular idea of what freedom and liberty tastes like, say, red, white, and blue. They move into clusters amongst other similar expats for comfort and some semblance of community.

I wouldn't think this to be unnatural at all under the circumstances.

There are other expats that came here to live, not just retire. They work here (or work from here and cross the border daily along with many of their Mexican neighbors), breed and raise children here, and so on. They don't live in clusters, they live wherever is convenient. When you meet these types in Baja, you will note a marked difference between these types and the aforementioned. After a decade, and even more so beyond, their particular flavor of freedom and liberty changes a little bit. The perspective is quite different, and with that change in perspective comes the realization that Mexico is not the U.S. and the means to an end in the U.S. is not the means to an end in Mexico.

When I would frequent some of the bars in Centro de Tijuana, I was a magnet for the retired expat. A gringo would poke his head into the bar, see me, and come in and sit close by. I am not unfriendly, and eventually they would strike up a conversation. After the second beer, I would find them ranting about this thing or that thing about Baja, he was waiting to unload on a gringo that would certainly understand. The problem was always the same, he was comparing all of his unpleasant experiences to where he came from, somewhere in the U.S.

Another version of the retired expat is one that fills their time consumed by the injustices of Mexican life. Drug wars, rapes, child prostitution, and so on. Journalists killed because they got a little bit too specific in a story. While the cause may be seen as noble (and whatever you do, don't try and talk them out of it, it's a waste of damned time), the problem is that they are approaching everything from the same perspective they approached everything when they lived (and worked and bred and so on) in the U.S. It's like watching an Eskimo tackle housing issues in an equatorial jungle.


a2zresource Nov. 14, 2010 @ 2:14 a.m.

RE types of expatriate Americans living in Mexico:

I do not practice the old Yaqui ways (or maybe I do in my own way, with my own ally), but it has been said that a Yaqui man of wisdom is one who can sit in a comfortable place and see the connections between every single thing, knowing that those connections between everything are real things in and of themselves. The Refried One seems to be in a comfortable place now, and he seems to see what is there in what there is.

May you live long and prosper in your own comfortable way... as you should after wrestling all night with one who would have spun you away.


a2zresource Nov. 14, 2010 @ 9:59 p.m.

I'll play nice and think of them as assets... and there are a lot more than two, but then again, Jesus said it could be done with two.


ILoveSanDiego April 8, 2011 @ 10:15 a.m.

"Wow you get a hundred bucks for this plus twenty five for the pic you took from Frontera and you are two days late with the story ? ... I need to get in on this racket I tell you."

I thought a stringer gets paid up to a hundred bucks as opposed to a flat hundred bucks. Meaning they might get paid anywhere from a dollar on up to a hundred bucks for a story.


mngcornaglia April 8, 2011 @ 11:12 a.m.

posted elsewere, but deserves repeating... Not aware to many American citizens, the U.S. State Department maintains a travel warning to those about to enter or living in Mexico. The potential for life-threatening danger should be a serious consideration especially in border areas including the city of Tijuana. In mid-February of this year, two US Immigration officers were ambushed and shot. Jaime Zapata was killed and his partner, John Morton was injured but survived. Most recently, it has been reported that early yesterday, before dawn, two American citizens were killed while waiting to cross the border. They were living in Tijuana and working in San Diegan. Witnesses said a gunman walked up their vehicle and fired numerous rounds from an automatic handgun at Kevin Joel Romero, 28, and Sergio Salcido Luna, 25, murdering them both then walked away. Initial investigation indicates the homicides were a random act. Nonetheless, tourism marketing persist in attempts to discredit such headlines as, "Mexico the Most Dangerous Country for Americans". In the meantime, cruise lines have discontinued Mexican Rivera stops due to increased fears and declining passenger bookings. Before traveling to Mexico, Americans should realize that Mexico currently shares the current U.S. State Department travel warnings list with countries such as Egypt, Haiti, and Iran among others.


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